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SAP HANA Online Training with experienced Trainers, FREE DEMO On SAP HANA.For more Call to BigClasses.


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  • 3. Overview | about trainer | Highlights of the course | Scope of the course |why us
  • 4. Overview:SAP High-performance Analytic Appliance is an In-Memory Database from SAP to store data and analyzelarge volumes of non-aggregated transactional data inreal time. Basically SAP HANA is a database. Itaddresses many problems which are being faced in thetraditional databases through its In-Memory concept.You want the data analysis no longer wait so long forresults?Then you can rely on SAP HANA and trackdevelopments and events in real time. With thecombination of high-performance in-memory softwareand advanced hardware from SAP partners you cancheck quickly large amounts of data from disparatesources. Analysis results can be obtained faster thanever before.
  • 5. About our SAP HANA trainer:Our SAP HANA online training trainers are highly experienced skilled andreal-time professionals.We had conducted onsite trainings for many prestigious corporateorganizations of the IT industry.Our SAP HANA Trainer is a real-time expert of the technology with morethan 8 years of experience in SAPOnline Training techniques of BigClasses are specially designed for theglobal learners and are globally proven.Bigclasses has taken utmost care to recruit the trainers for onlinetraining.Our trainers are excellent Online Training experts, who have real-timeIndustry experience.Our trainers are capable of designing sophisticated course material.Our Trainers are enthusiastic learners, which helps them to acquire up-to-date knowledge.Our Trainers aims at quality teaching, which earned them multitudes oflearners.
  • 6. Highlights of the course:Tailor-made Course CurriculumOnline training is learner centered.Learner can combine education, work and family.Real-time experts are our trainersMost affordable Fee StructureIndustry-centric ApproachWorld-class teaching methodologyWe Provide goal oriented, comprehensive training based onyour specific educational needs.We provide free 24/7 server access to help our traineespractice exercises and demos in real-time.We offer Placement Assistance to our learners if required.
  • 7. Scope of the SAP HANA Course:SAP HANA will be the worlds leading business intelligencesoftware company in the near future. SAP HANA is anindependent worldwide Business Intelligence vendor and isrecognized. Most of the business intelligence teams are nowlanding on to HANAThere is no doubt that SAP HANA will be ruling soon, HANAis on top of every individual module of SAP, hence itscombination with the any of the module will give you the bestin the industry.
  • 8. Why BigClasses for the SAPHANA course:Training would be conducted by experienced and certifiedInstructors.Online inter-active training is a common experience atBigClassesMany students in the past have learned, mastered, gotcertified and landed in excellent jobs.Our HANA course material is specially designed for onlinelearningOur trainers are technology specialists and are activelyinvolved in their particular fields.Support for real-time projects by our trainers.100% job support for desired and excellent candidates.