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In-depth information about Sara's Homestay's high school program.

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  • 1. Saras Homestay Quality Student Housing Pathway to Global Excellence High School Progroam Summary Overview Presentation 1
  • 2. The Saras Homestay High School program provides student management for international students at American middle and high schools in the US. This program offers safe, effective housing through our homestay services, combined with strong academic support and extra-curricular activities (typically offered through the private school) to help young students grow and mature into global leaders. The Saras Homestay High School program is a 5 month (semester) or 10 month (full academic year) academic home stay program that enables qualified international high school student to attend high school in the United States while living with a host family. A major part of each students stay in the US is their experience attending a local high school. This is an opportunity for students to expand their English language skills and understanding of American culture while sharing their native culture with the community at their school. At Saras Homestay, we make it our goal to select high quality students for our program. We evaluate each students motivation for the program, academic history, and English ability, so that each student can have a productive and successful experience at your host school. Most students who attend the program stay for multiple years and have their sights set on continuing to a university in the US. Some however attend the program for the experience of a school year abroad and return home for their continued studies Saras Homestay offers college application and counseling services to all of its high school students see slide 4 Overview of High School Program 2
  • 3. The Saras Homestay High School program provide a pathway to excellence in international education at the private secondary school level for international students with ambition to pursue college studies in the United States We strive to provide a full-service, one-stop solution to our agency partners. Saras Homestay will provide everything from school selection to college preparation. We have staff dedicated solely to our school programs Through Saras Homestay, the students enter the US private school system at the junior high and high school levels The education experience at these younger levels offers the language and cultural pre-requisites to enable a smooth transition into the best colleges and universities, thus allowing the student to reach their full academic potential In order to enhance its program, Saras Homestay actively engages with administrative faculty and staff at partner schools. Additionally, a member of the Saras Homestay team, who is local to the area of the school, will write a monthly report on the students progress to be shared with our agency partners and the students parents Saras Homestay participates in the following programs, outlined on later pages in the presentation: school selection, admission services, private academic tutoring, homestay services, English language tutoring, college preparation and counseling. Our Mission 3
  • 4. Full range of services offered by Saras Homestay, are listed below. The pricing shown is for each individual service, however, a comprehensive service package can be purchased to include all of the below for a discount. School Selection: Saras works with a large number of schools across the country and will assist the student in selecting the right school based on the students needs. Student will complete a questionnaire and Saras will create a matching list of several schools that will be a strong fit with the student. Pricing: $2,500. School tuition price can vary widely from $5,000 - $35,000 per year Admission Services: assist student in school application and visa application, prepare student for beginning of school year, help with any issues that arise. Pricing: $2,500 Homestay Accommodation: accommodations and meals, including host family screening and selection, supervision, guardianship, health insurance, airport pick-up and drop-off, and other services. Pricing: $1,600/ month English Language Services: for students who need additional help learning English, Saras Homestay can arrange for private English tutors; students typically significantly improve their English abilities. Pricing: $500/ month College Preparation and Application Services: transcript preparation, school selection, test preparation, essay assistance and application assistance, coordinate necessary interviews and monitor the full application process. Tutoring and assistance for standardized tests, such as ACT, SAT, and TOEFL exams. Pricing: $3,000 Saras Homestay High School Program School Selection Admission Services Homestay Accommodation English Language Services College Preparation Services 4
  • 5. Private schools can have many advantages: (i) academic excellence; (ii) smaller class sizes and more individualized attention; (iii) extracurricular activities, including sports and music programs; and, (iv) international and cultural experience. (i) Academic Excellence: top level teachers, advanced laboratory equipment, numerous academic and extra-curricular programs; variety of advanced placement and international baccalaureate classes (ii) Smaller Class Sizes: 36% of private schools averaged student-teacher ratios of 10:1 or lower; more individualized attention from teachers, allows students to learn and mature better than peers (iii) Extracurricular Activities: variety of programs offered outside of the classroom, including: sports, music, art, dance, computers, and other activities. Provides depth and breadth to classroom education as well as aids in the development of social skills (iv) International and Cultural Experience: Some private schools also offer specialized courses that cater to students with limited English. This means that some private schools are able to accept students with lower English abilities and work with them in a personalized setting to improve their language skills Advantages of US Private Schools 5
  • 6. Below is a sample listing of the private high schools that we have partnered with in the United States (a more complete list will been sent in a separate file) Sample List of Private School Partners State City Name of School School Website Florida Central Florida Bethany Christian School, Melbourne Vero Beach St. Edwards School, Vero Beach Tampa Tampa Preparatory School West Palm Beach Matlock Academy California San Francisco Bay Area Cornerstone Academy Mercy High School Woodside International School The Quarry Lane School Bishop O' Dowd High School Santa Barbara Midland School San Diego Maranatha Christian Schools La Jolla Country Day School Los Angeles Delphi Academy of Los Angeles Eldorado Emerson Private School New York Manhattan York Prep Lyce Franais Queens The Windsor School Brooklyn St. Edmund Preparatory High School Staten Island St. Adalbert School New Jersey Sparta Hilltop Country Day http://www. North Arlington Queen of Peace School http://www. Massachusetts Boston The Newman School Boston Matignon High School http://matignon-hs.org6
  • 7. Typical Weekly Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 6 -7am Preparation for School, Breakfast Breakfast 7am 3pm ATTEND CLASSES & SCHOOL FUNCTIONS Tutoring Sessions: SAT, SAT II, ACT, TOEFL, ESL Tutoring and/or personal time 4 6pm Extra Curricular Activities, Sports, Arts, Community Service Individual Study Time 6 7pm Dinner 7 9pm Specific Subject Tutoring Sessions ** Weekend School- related Activities College Counseling or Individual Study Individual Study and Prep for Next Week 9 11pm Individual Study Time 11pm Bedtime 7 ** Programs are optional
  • 8. A Letter of Thanks from a Current Parent Thank you for sending us the Summer Program Report, it makes so happy and reassured to read! We are impressed by the care Saras Homestay extends to our students. Our kids have made great progress in the study of English and in adapting to American life! Qianju has made great efforts for the summer classes, planning everything herself and doing the job positively! She has even taken part in the weekend activities, introducing our students to new and exciting things. Last Tuesday, she met us and told us about the performance of the s