SAT Vocabulary: Learn 5 Words Today (03 September 2014)

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  • 1. SAT Vocabulary Learn five words today! Practice here:
  • 2. (1) vying competing eagerly with other people to do, achieve, or get something that is difficult to do, achieve, or get 2 SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 3. (2) iconoclast 1. a person who attacks widely accepted ideas, beliefs, traditional institutions, etc. 2. a person who destroys sacred images used in religious worship or opposes to the religious use of images 3 SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 4. (3) prattle 1. to speak at length about subjects that are unimportant, often without making any sense 2. to speak without sense and in a juvenile manner 4 SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 5. (4) orthodox 1. conventional or acceptable by the general public 2. traditional or old-fashioned in one's beliefs 3. a strict observer of a certain faith 5 SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 6. (5) tout 1. try to persuade people to like, accept, or buy something by praising or recommending highly and repeatedly, especially loudly and in public 2. (British) buy tickets for an event and resell them at a much higher price 6 SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 7. Thank you Practice here: