SAT Vocabulary: Learn 5 Words Today (30 July 2014)

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  • 1. SAT Vocabulary Learn five words today! Practice here:
  • 2. (1) sanctity 1. the state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly 2. the quality of being very important, valuable, and deserving respect 2SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 3. (2) languid 1. lacking enthusiasm, energy, or strength; without interest or spirit 2. (of a period of time) relaxed and pleasant 3. weak or faint from illness or fatigue 4. slow in progress; tardy 3SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 4. (3) bombast speech or writing that is meant to impress people but is not sincere, meaningful, or does not express things very clearly 4SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 5. (4) nonchalant coolly unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcited; relaxed, calm, and not worried about anything; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm 5SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 6. (5) deprecate 1. criticize or express disapproval of (someone or something) 2. depreciate; belittle 6SAT Vocabulary Practice here:
  • 7. Thank you Practice here: