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A short presentation about academic blogging


  • 1. Scholarly and science blogs A new form of academic discourse?
  • 2. Theses Blogs are a specic type of online discourse Science blogs/scholarly blogs are a well established type of blogs with different subtypes Blogs can translate properties of scholarly discourses of the pre-web era into a hypertextual universe of discourse
  • 3. What is a blog?
  • 4. Entries ordered by inverse chronology Text Text
  • 5. Permalinks
  • 7. Feeds
  • 8. A type of news Text
  • 9. Links as the basic content Text
  • 10. Authentic voices
  • 11. Blogs as a form of online discourse
  • 12. Specic ways of observation Simple interface RSS-Feeds Widgets, Aggregators Blog Search Engines Technorati and other services
  • 13. Specic communication chains Comments Blogrolls Trackbacks
  • 14. Uses of blogs
  • 15. Documentation and monitoring thirst-in-the-mojave/xt
  • 16. Explanation and reection
  • 17. Agenda setting and intervention
  • 18. Types of Blogs Media Blog Tech Blog Science Blog Political Blog Corporate Blog Personal Blog
  • 19. Scholarly blogs/science blogs
  • 20. Blogs about science and humanities Text
  • 21. Blogs by scientists and scholars
  • 22. Academic reection
  • 23. Documentations of scientic activities
  • 24. Personal and institutional PR
  • 25. Publication of peer reviewed research Text Text
  • 26. Popular science
  • 27. Contexts: Academic publishing on the web Commercial Online Journals Open Access Journals Wikis Individual Sites and Publications Specialized Search Engines (Google Scholar)
  • 28. Platforms and portals Nature Network Blogs (zur Zeit nicht erreichbar) Postgenomic The Academic Blog Portal wissensblogs Scientic Blogging Discover Blogs Nature Blogs
  • 29. Reputation Thesis: Translation between scientic reputation and blogger reputation is possible Scientic reputation and blogger reputation rely on similar mechanisms The blogosphere allows scholarly micro public spheres
  • 30. Scientic exchange Thesis: Blogs facilitate scholarly communication on uid subjects Blogs allow asynchronous open communication between personal talk and journals/congresses Blogs can serve as open research journals
  • 31. Academic teaching Support of learning communities Support of self directed learning by students Documentation of work for master theses and doctoral dissertations
  • 32. Public science Direct dialogue between scholars/scientists and the general public Short circuiting of existing publication channels Agenda setting/PR for science
  • 33. Future: Blogosphere, social media, life web Microblogs and life streams take over Social networks and blogs are integrated Blurring of the border between posts and magazines Internal aggregation; blogs as knowledge repositories
  • 34. References and Discussions Alex Halavais: quot;Scholarly Blogging: Moving Toward the Visible Collegequot; (Amazon) Wissenswerkstatt tag Wissenschaftsblog Was sind gute Wissenschaftsblogs?