Science session 1 reviewer (No Questions)

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1. Science Session 1 Reviewer

  • Characteristics of a Scientist


  • One engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge 2. System


  • An individual who uses the Scientific Method 3. One who performs research 4. Science Process Skills 5. Observing 6. Any information collected with the senses 7. The skill of describing scientific events


  • Conclusions or giving explanations about something based on observations 8. The process of drawing a conclusion from given evidence 9. Going beyond observations 10. A reason 11. Using observations to form a hypothesis 12. Hypothesis 13. Smart/educated guess 14. An idea 15. A tentative answer to the problem 16. Needs to be tested 17. To formulate a hypothesis; follow this order: 18. If (I do this), then, (this will happen) 19. Predicting 20. Saying what will happen in the future by using your past observations 21. Used to solve scientific puzzles 22. Guessing what will happen 23. What is going to be 24. Needed to form a hypothesis 25. maybe, perhaps, I think 26. Interpreting tables and graphs 27. Data or information is arranged in a way that makes it easier for you to read and understand 28. Organize the data you collect so youre results can be interpreted more easily