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One great thing in this opening sequence is the sound track as it creates an eerie atmosphere as it resembles a scratching sounds as well as their being a constant static sound which is uncomfortable, however, clearly demonstrates the genre being a thriller.

Secondly the font used fits in very well with the shots shown as it resembles handwriting which I linked to the killer as we can see close ups of a journal and a bible which is a concept I would like to incorporate in my title sequence. This font can also show us his personality traits as if he keeps a journal this could imply that he is organised.

NegativesOne negative in this opening sequence is the amount of blurry close ups we receive as it confuses and draws the audience attention away from the clues the directors and producers are trying to show.

There are also many blackouts which is an aspect the directors could have experimented with for example adding a title in the background of a close up or in the journal for example. This would have grabbed the audiences attention as they would have looked for the titles which is engaging.

Evaluation This has definitely inspired me as it is a clear demonstrated the genre and gave us a sense of the plot as we can imply the film revolves around a man who is planning a sinister event as we can see a close up of a hand crossing out faces and verses of the bible.From this task, I have learned what I find works in an opening sequence and what I would have changed or would like do differently in my own opening.

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