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Seminar 2.1 rob curran

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Rob Curran

UK Community Representative for CoderDojoChampion (definitely) for Wilmslow CoderDojoMentor (allegedly)

@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo


CoderDojo is a global volunteer-led community of free programming clubs for young people between 7 and 17. Founded in July 2011 by James Whelton & Bill Liao, the first Dojo took place in Cork, Ireland on the 23rd of July. James and Bill were self taught programmers and wanted to create a space where young people could learn code in a social environment. Within CoderDojo there is a focus on developing creativity, a sense of community, peer learning skills, mentoring and self led learning with an emphasis on openness and showing how coding can be a force for positive change.

What is CoderDojo?

@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo2

For a short video of the New York Dojo watch hereWhat exactly is a Dojo?A Dojo is a local, independent volunteer-led free programming club for young people which encompasses the ethos of CoderDojo making it part of the global community. Dojos are built on community spirit, and encourage children to collaborate and learn from each other.

For me CoderDojo is the place where young people can learn to be creative Werner Vogles, CTO AmazonSo what excatly is a Dojo?@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo3

Demand has been incredible & the movement has spread rapidly around the world. Today there are currently more than 600 Dojos spread across 45 countries, and more are being set up every week

@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo4Our focus is on facilitating, scaling & increasing collaboration within CoderDojo.

We are scaling the movement to make coding clubs even more accessible for young people all over the world. Targeting to reach approximately the following goals within the next 3 years:

100,000 children coding regularly1,500 Dojos Dojos spread across 60 Countries

CSRGives business the opportunity to have a positive impact on their community. Aligns positively with CSR strategies focused on Education, Youth, Employment, Digital Skills.Equal OpportunityDojos are inclusive environments where young people are given an equal opportunity to learn and develop skills.

IndustryGlobally there is a monumental shortage of programmers with the EU predicting a shortfall of 1 million technical workers by 2015. CoderDojo addresses this by exposing young people to ICT at a young age. Why is CoderDojo important?@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo5

CommunityWe encourage & facilitate our community to share their learning experiences, resources and knowledge and give attendees, mentors and parents a sense of community for life.Awareness

We work to bring CoderDojo to people all over the world in order to scale the movement, giving the opportunity to learn code to as many young people as possible. ResourcesWe are developing resources to make starting and running a Dojo easier, to further increase collaboration between Dojos and to provide more opportunities to attendees.

Why is CoderDojo important?@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo6

7Groups we TargetTarget AttendeesGirls aged 7 10 Girls aged 10 12Girls aged 13 17Boys aged 7 10Boys aged 10 12Boys aged 13 17

Broader CoderDojo CommunityParentsChampionsMentorsPartnersAlliancesFundersSponsors

@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo7The Kids NinjasChampionsMentorsParentsAttend sessionsLearn skillsCodingPresentingInterpersonalBecome part of an international coding communityDemo to kidsCreate contentAre there to help find answers to questions.Set up & run a DojoOften mentorCoordinate everybodyLiaison for Foundation, Venue etc.Facilitate their childrens learningGet to learn alongside their childrenDemystify the curriculumTargeted awareness (e.g. on-line safety)The Dojo Roles@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo8

9real-life problemsmentoringproject based learningpeer learningI want to code something that works for meI want to build something that I think is coolI want to write my own Flappy Bird gameI think Ive got an idea

What do you want to do?What do you need to carry on at home?What help do you need from your peers & mentors?What role suits you best?Flipped learning??Show one, do one, .. off you go!Bring your challenges inHmmm, Im not sureLets solve that togetherIts ok to say I dont knowAsk 3 then ask meDeveloping youth mentorsWhat do you want to do?

Its not school@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo10

Presentation SkillsProblem SolvingTeam WorkCommunication SkillsSocial SkillsLogical & InnovativeThinkingCreativitySelf-led LearningCollaboration

What skills do Dojos enable?


Harry (13)

Maciej (16)Chloe and Chris, a brother & sister team, created an android app and website to help students with learning difficulties understand all the maths theorems required for state exams.

Chloe (15) Chris (16)Harry joined CoderDojo as a shy kid. At his Dojo he learned game development which helped build his confidence. His 1st game PizzaBot knocked Angry Birds off its number 1 spot in Irish App Store! Maciej won the CoderDojo Coolest Project Award by creating & open sourcing his own programming language: Oda. He won a new laptop replacing his old beaten up one.@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo12Change enabled by teachnologyDelivered by CoderDojo NinjasChange enabled CoderDojo ninjasProject Title: Alphabet ArcBuilt by @Ginglexia (Sam, 9 & Tom, 12)Assists young people with dyslexia to learn the alphabetProject Title: ReCharge my eCarBuilt by 11 year old NiamhAssists environmentally friendly adults looking for available charging station for eCarProject Title: The Kids StudioBuilt by 10 year old Lauren Gives young people practical advice on dealing with stressProject Title: Anti Bullying QuizBuilt by 12 year old KathleenA quiz designed to teach children what to do if they are dealing with bulliesProject Title: Crainn GameBuilt by 13 year old AlanA game built to inform young people of the importance of trees to the environmentProject Title: Fix my PotholeBuilt by 15 year old JohnHelps communities to notify their councils about the locations of potholes in the area@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo

Any more ideas?THANK YOU!@WilmslowDojo #coderdojo14