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  • Jenny: Wheres the bookstore?

    Do you see it?

    Kate: No I dont. Should we

    ask someone?

  • Jenny: Thats good idea.

    Kate: Lets ask that police


  • Jenny: Excuse me,officer.

    Officer: Yes.

  • Jenny: Were looking for the

    bookstore. Is it near here?

    Officer: Yes,it is. Its over

    there on the corner.

  • Jenny: On the corner? Where?

    Officer: Its next to the bakery.

    Jenny: Oh,now I see it.Thank you.

  • bookstore

    police officer

  • cornernext to

    over there

  • between

  • next to

  • Two Little Hands

    Two little hands go clap, clap, clap,

    Two little feet go tap, tap, tap,

    Two little hands go thump,

    thump, thump

  • Two little feet go jump, jump, jump,

    One little body turns around,

    One little child sits quietly down.

    Sung to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

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