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By Jeanette Zhukov

The Beginning

In the 1800s when a women had extra weight it was a sign of good health and wealth.

In the early 1900s being thin was in.

In the 1950s the ideal female body image was Marilyn Monroe.

She was a size 14 which in todays society is considered overweight.

The Beginning

In the 1960s the supermodel Twiggy popularized the waiflike look.

It was the first time in history that the ideal body image standard for woman was to be underweight.


This new trend made the everyone self-conscious.

The diet industry boomed. Everyone became obsessed with losing pounds and being skinny.

This also brought about eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.


In todays society people are taking a stand.

Spain has disallowed models to walk down the runway if their BMI is lower than 18. They said they wanted to promote a healthier body image for younger girls to look up to.

Londons fashion week are refusing to agree. They say that it violates designers rights to use whatever models that they want.

But some designers around the world are embracing the plus size models too.

The Future

More steps are being taken to get a more healthy size model on the runway.

Some people dont see any problems in skinnier models because they believe it sells more. So the model body image may stay the same.

The Future

Some countries have taken the whole modeling approach in a different direction. Like Tokyo, Japan , they have created a robot model. It has a robot body and a doll like face. Its 52 so there wont be as much tension to be stick skinny and perfect.

So are models too skinny? Ill let you answer that yourself.