Skype advanced 22nd nov 2012 8 9pm

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advancing with applications on Skype. E.g.: instant messaging, emoticon and hyperlink

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  • 1. SKYPEadvancedThursday 22th Nov 2012 Time: 8.00pm -9.00pmIT trainer Ian Hall user: skippy32519

2. My Mahara web site: 3. iMindMap Version 6 by Tony Buzan 4. QuestionDo you know your Skype Version? 5. Our History . Skype over 9 years 6. In 2021 Skype will be.. 7. 8. SUBSCRIPTION 9. Installing Skype on Windows 8s store for free 10. WINDOWS 8 SKYPE 11. LINKS Skype material 5.11 links for 12th Oct 2012 Skype 5.11 links 5.11 You Tubes 12. TRICKS1.ANSWER CALL......... Press ALT + Page Up2. ANSWER VIDEO CALL.......Press CTRL + ALT +Page Down3. HANG UP ALT+ Page Down 13. Other communication services* ebuddy* google hangout* ooVoo* windows live messenger* yahoo messengerplus more 14. SKYPE owns QikMobile video capture and sharing Watch video here: 15. SKYPE owns GROUP MEStart groups with people already in your contacts. When you send message, everybody instantly receives it. Its like a private chat room that works on any phone.Watch video here: site: 16. Skype & Windows Messenger Live & Facebook logging in 17. Symbaloo