Slot 3: Understanding the halal need for Islamic Tourism - Dimension of Islamic Tourism- Issues and Recommendation

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Sempena Islamic Tourism Seminar 2012 Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin 3-4 October 2012 Anjuran Diploma in Tourism Management

Text of Slot 3: Understanding the halal need for Islamic Tourism - Dimension of Islamic Tourism- Issues and...

  • 1. Islamic Tourism Seminar Understanding the Halal Need for Islamic TourismDimension of Islamic Tourism: Issues & Recommendation By: SDr. Noor Fiteri bin Abdullah School of Tourism, Hospitality and Environmental Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • 2. Presentation Outline
  • 3. Travel / TourismMuis Secara RingkasNecessity or Trend ?Profit making or charity ? Force or voluntary ? Mjls gama Islam Singaura
  • 4. Introduction Muis Secara Ringkas travel becoming a way of life for many people Muslim travelers a part of that special need conform Islamic principles & shariahcompliant concepts can be all forms of tourism except those thatgo against Islamic teaching obligation covers all parties involved the wholeprocess of traveling beginning - during end of the trip Mjls gama Islam Singaura
  • 5. Reason for travel many reasons compare - pre and post status of Islamic Tourism ambiguities ? previous definition of Islamic Tourism
  • 6. Essence of DefinitionMuis Secara Ringkas Mjls gama Islam Singaura
  • 7. Muis Secara Ringkas Tourism Dimension of Islamic Mjls gama Islam Singaura
  • 8. Destination - Unique of community, culture - Islamic heritage - religious site - Islamic architecture
  • 9. Lodging - lodging/ accommodation essential needs - shariah compliant - value added attributes - important thing comfortable yet affordable price
  • 10. Islamic Hospitality- According to Islamic teaching guests who visit should becomfortable- Islamic courtesy- concept of Bedouin Hospitality- host should consider spiritual, emotional, intellectual andphysicalSpiritual worship during travel ( halal food, easy to pray )Emotional welcoming, courteous, trustworthy, friendly etcIntellectual knowledgeable, educational, informativePhysical hygiene, cleanliness, safety, ambience
  • 11. Halal and Thoyibba Food- most important part concern by Muslim- halal food from farm to the table- misunderstanding and conflict among Muslim and NonMuslim- certification and approval-
  • 12. Activities- various type of activities- consider permissible as long as conform to syarak- part of worships- urge from Al Quran Siyahah, Rihlah, Ziyarah,Perfom Haj and Umrah- muamalah VFR, business transaction, medical,sport, leisure
  • 13. Issue: Ambiguities of terms used
  • 14. Issue: Products offer Destination/ tourist attraction Lodging Muslim friendly - shariah compliant Manpower expertise - certification Merchandising souvenirs Values hygiene / cleanliness Food halal/ serve no pork / MOML Activity conform with shara Environment friendliness / friendliness to physically challenged Facilities Recreation Information
  • 15. Issue: Misunderstanding - inter religion Activity/customs/ local culture among Muslim and NonMuslim
  • 16. Recommendation Standardization come out with solid term used widely Synergy Islamic authority/ government agencies/ serviceproviders/ operators Changing the perception promoting good health or uniqueexperience Education - informative Further research
  • 17. Effort in Promoting Islamic Tourism Islamic package offers Islamic informative website Government and Agencies Mosques Non Government Organizations
  • 18. Aligning the facilities and services to cater to this growing consumer segment Halal food servicesNeed to have Salaath (Prayer) facilities Wudu friendly washroomsGood to have Ramadhan (fasting) services & facilitiesNice to have Recreation facilities and services(Family Friendliness) No non-Halal activities Environment FriendlinessA community Need Friendliness to physically challenged
  • 19. Cresentrating Hotels categorizationThese Hotels are considered "helpful" to the Muslim Travellers. They will be able toprovide information regarding Salaath times, Qiblah direction and nearby Halal foodfacilities.Hotels which are rated 4 to 5 go beyond being "helpful" and accomodate certain specificrequirements of the Halal conscious travellers.They will generally have Qiblah directionmarked in the rooms and some level of Halal food facilities in the Hotel.Hotels with a rating of 6 to 7 generally take into account most of the needs of a Halalconscious traveller in their services and facilities. In general they will be serving onlyHalal Food and Beverages apart from having other family friendly facilities.
  • 20. BAZAR RAKYAT DAN WAKAF MARTBazar Wakaf Rakyat Masjid Al- Bazar Wakaf Rakyat Masjid Amir Raudhah, Tanjung Karang, Fawwaz, Perlis SelangorWakaf Mart Masjid Kariah Panchor Bazar Wakaf Rakyat Masjid Jamek Jaya, Seremban Pekan Kajang, Selangor