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  • SMARTGoal?What is a

    A SMART Goal is definedas one that is:

    > Specific> Measurable> Achievable> Results-focused, and> Time-bound

    SPECIFICGoals should be written simply and clearly define what you are going to do.

    MEASURABLEGoals should be measurable so that you can easily demonstrate that you have accomplished the goal.

    ACHIEVABLEGoals should be achievable in that you should feel challenged in working to accomplish them without feeling overwhelmed.

    RESULTS-FOCUSEDGoals should measure outcomes, not activities.

    TIME-BOUNDGoals should be linked to a timeframe that creates a practical sense of urgency, or results in tension between the current reality and the vision of the goal.

    Your pitch is your vision. It should be what excites you to become a leader on your campus. The SMART goals you set will help you realize that vision.

  • Making your pitch SMARTWhat is your pitch?

    1. SPECIFIC.What will the goal accomplish?

    How and why will it be accomplished?

    2. MEASURABLE. How will you show whether or not

    the goal has been reached?

    3. ACHIEVABLE. Do you know of anyone completing this goal?

    Do you have the necessary knowledge, skills,

    abilities, and resources to accomplish the goal?

    4. RESULTS-FOCUSED. If you were to complete this goal, would you be

    accomplishing a desired outcome rather than a set

    of activities?

    5. TIME-BOUND.Do you have an expected completion date?

    Is the date both doable and challenging?

    my SMARTGoal: