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Prepeared by :Ohood ALJedaan 08120119 The Smart Way To Learn Vocabulary Assignment 2

1-The presentation is an activity for children between 5-10 age.

2- this PPT make children learn new vocabulary by smart and fun way. 3-it is contain two ideas and I took it from the Roots &Words book.

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this activity is to make children know how they can learn vocabulary by fun way.


At the end of this activity the children will be able to:

1- remember the spelling and the meaning of words easily.2-Have a good knowledge of vocabulary. 3-change the idea that learn new words is boring.

HatFat CatIdea 1 : Word Build-Up by changing a Letter

Idea 2 : Word Build-Up by adding one Letter or :more

For example the word ( And)

HandLandSandChoose the correct word:


1-Culd 2-Cold 3-Coold