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Final project for Michigan State's New Media Drivers License class. A social media plan for Disney's Epcot.


  • 1. Social Media Proposal: Disneys Epcot New Media Drivers License ADV 425 Jill Overacker

2. About/Goals Technology: Past & Future 2009: Ranks 60 thlargest American company. ->Profits down 5.5% from 2008 6 thmost visited theme park in world Straying from original intentions Increase attendance & sales; return to educational standards 3. Proposal Twitter Twitter Challenges Most adult park Just a worlds fair Missing the fast-paced rides of other parks Epcot should be more educational 4. Children: Excited about Epcot Adults: Bring back learning, fun AND educational 5. Twitter @DisneyParks covers all 4 Yet, Epcot has a very unique message:

  • Culture, Education
  • AND fast-paced rides

Tweets should be:

  • Fun
  • Interesting
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Relevant
  • Helpful

Connect to Facebook page 6. Social media blog and youtube channel Blog Disney Parks blog covers all 4 Doesnt represent Epcot Blog posts could cover:

  • Festivals
  • How Epcot celebrates history
  • Fun things for kids
  • Epcot in a day

YouTube Channel One channel for all parks Videos could depict: -what to do in Epcot -Disney Moms Panel, help stress fun AND educational 7. Google Adwords Google Adwords Help people to think differently about Epcot Keyword Possibilities: Educational Vacations Educational vacations for kids Multicultural vacation Direct vacationers to Epcot who may never think about Disney otherwise 8. Measuring Success Measuring Success Increased attendance Increased revenue Increased time spent in park Number of Twitter followers, blog & YouTube hits Timeline Peak seasons are summer and Christmas holidays. Implemented immediately Budget Free in actuality but will cost in time Adwords will cost per click 9. Social media will help Epcot to: improve visibility educate public change thinking increase attendance and duration of stay Thank You!