Social Media, Venice Univeristy, Nov 2011

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Social Media presentation, Masters in Marketing e Comunicazione Internazionale, Venice, Nov 2011

Text of Social Media, Venice Univeristy, Nov 2011

  • 1.Social Media The times they are a changing Dr. Jim Hamill[email_address] @drjimhamillNovember, 2011


  • A conversation
  • not a broadcast
  • presentation

3. Agenda

  • Mornings
    • Lecture and class discussion
  • Afternoons
    • Group work and group presentations

4. Group Work

  • Groups of 4/5 students
  • Taking an organisation of
  • your own choice, evaluate the progress
  • made in adopting Web 2.0/social media
  • and make strategic recommendations for improvement.
  • Your evaluation should cover use of Web 2.0/social media
  • on the organisations own web site and the extent of their
  • involvement in external Web 2.0/social media sites.

5. Agenda

  • Marketing opportunities from the rapid growth of Web 2.0/social media
  • Content
    • Social media an overview
    • Social media in action examples
    • Key things to remember about social media
    • Social media and sports marketing
    • Social media in action - examples (sports marketing)
    • Social Media strategy development, implementation and performance measurement


  • Continue the conversation at

7. 8.

  • Lets start with a
  • few questions?

9. Social Media: The State of Play

  • Where are we in our use of
  • social media?
  • What progress has been
  • made?
  • Where are we going?

10. What road are we on? 11. Our View on Progress Made

  • Interest and enthusiasm has grown rapidly
  • Channels are being set up
  • But lack of strategic planning leads to
  • problems down the line - resourcing,
  • content, customers, performance
  • measurement, business impact and ROI
  • A broadcast mentality prevails.


  • Is there something fundamentally
  • wrong with our approach to
  • Social Media?

13. Something Wrong..

  • Are we using social media as just another PR/marketing channel for broadcasting messagesATcustomers telling them how good we are?
  • Is anyone listening
  • anymore?
  • Have the rules of business
  • changed?

14. Be Social 15. Be Customer Led

  • Talking WITH rather than
  • AT your customers is the
  • core foundation of a
  • successful social media
  • strategy
  • The basis of a good
  • conversation is
  • to listen first


  • Social Media
  • A Quick Overview

17. 18. 19. Web 2.0/Social Media

  • An Overview
          • Applications
          • Features and Characteristics
          • Implications

20. Business/Marketing 2.0 Web 2.0 Applications Open source Online Applications/ Web Services Social/ Prof Network Sites Social Content Social Bookmarking Blogs or Weblogs Wikis Podcasts/ Vodcasts Virtual Realities Mash Ups RSS Feeds Mobile Web; Internet Telephony Twitter Characteristics Communities and Networks Openness Sharing Peering Hosted Services online applications; the Internet as the platform Interactivity Social Element Mass Collaboration Empowerment Global Impact Wikibusiness Mindset Business Intelligence Customer Insight and Understanding Customer Interaction Enhanced Customer Experience Rich Internet Applications Reputation Management Sales and MarketingProduct Development and R&D e.g. engage and co-create IT/Software/Applications Operations, Internal Processes and HRM 21. Social Media in Plain English 22.

  • How important
  • has it become?

23. The Social Media Revolution 24.

  • Potential Business Benefits
  • of Social Media

25. Business Benefits

  • Market Knowledge
  • Customer Insight and Understanding
  • Customer Interaction
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reputation Management

26. Business Benefits

  • Improved Sales and Marketing
  • Identify and network with high value, high growth prospects
  • Product Development and R&D e.g. engage and co-create
  • Internal cost savings
  • ImprovedOperations and Internal Processes
  • Increased ROI

27. Potential Business Benefits

  • 5 main areas:
  • Market/Customer Knowledge & Insight
  • Engagement & Reputation Management
  • Enhanced Customer Experience and Loyalty
  • Sales/Marketing Effectiveness, Efficiency and ROI
  • Operations/ Internal Processes (open source and hosted apps)


  • The rules of the game have changed
  • The 5 key things to remember
  • about Social Media

29. 1. Its a Revolution

  • A fundamental and revolutionary change
  • in online behaviour, expectations and
  • the online customer experience.
  • The end of the read only internet
  • Content generated by the network for
  • the network
  • We are no longer passive consumers of
  • content/brand messages

30. 2. Its Social

  • A conversation
  • not a broadcast
  • platform
  • Conversations are taking
  • place relevant to your
  • brand are you listening?

31. The Connected Consumer 32. 3. Power Shift

  • Social media empowers
  • customers, empowers the network
  • We no longer control the brand
  • The brand becomes the customer
  • experience of the brand
  • experiences that are widely
  • shared online

33. 34. 4. Declining Effectiveness

  • Declining effectiveness of traditional
  • approaches to sales and marketing
  • Does anyone listen any more?
  • We are no longer passive sheep
  • waiting to be driven to your web site
  • If you treat us like sheep, we will tell you
  • to flock off.

35. Do You Listen? Source: The Future of Advertising, APA, 17/02/09 as published onSlideshare( ) 36. Do You Listen? 37. 5. The End of Business as Usual 38. The End of Business as Usual

  • Winners will be those organisations who fully utilise the interactive power of Web 2.0 technology for engaging with and energising customer and network relationships

39. New Performance Measures

  • Business success depends on the quality of your customer base; the strength of the relationship you have with quality customers; and your ability to leverage that relationship
  • In a social media era, business success depends on the
    • Quality of your network
    • Relationship strength
    • Ability to leverage
  • The 6Is Approach

40. Performance Measurement

    • Involvement network/community numbers/quality,time spent, frequency, geography
    • Interaction actions they take read, post, comment, reviews,recommendations
    • Intimacy affection or aversion to the brand ; community sentiments, opinions expressed etc
    • Influence advocacy, viral forwards, referrals and recommendations, social bookmarking
    • Insight customer insight
    • Impact business impact
    • Social Media Monitoring Tools Audit, Assess, Impact

41. The 6Is Approach 42. Bob Dylan

  • Come gather 'round people
  • Wherever you roam
  • And dont criticise
  • What you can't understand
  • Your sons and your daughters
  • Are beyond your command
  • Your old road is
  • Rapidly agin
  • Then you better start swimmin
  • Or you'll sink like a stone
  • For the times they are a-changin


  • A note on
  • Inbound Marketing

44. Inbound Marketing

  • Spread your content as widely
  • as possible to get found
  • Pull people to your