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1819828CZEF Tour to Spain & MoroccoSummer 2017 (June 12th-23rd) 12-day trip



It changes your perspective on the world.

It changes how you view yourself.

92% of EF travelers feel more comfortable in new and different cultural settings.

By raise of hands, who has traveled outside of the US? Who has been abroad? Think about the experiences you had and what you took away from them. Heres a quick video that illustrates the beauty of traveling and the effects it has on these kids. We live in such a blessed time in the world where traveling is easy. So many people wait till they are older to travel, and realize they wished they had done it sooner. This could change your kids decisions for college and career. Traveling to Uruguay is what convinced me I wanted to teach Spanish, and culture and share my experieces with the youth. And in the least it is SOOOO FUN!


The best teacher is real-life experience.It brings the culture and language to life!Finally the students are seeing it, eating it, breathing it, speaking it, experiencing it

The grand epiphanyThey finally get it because they are surrounded by it, they are living it.It promotes understanding, cultural respect, language learning and global citizenship.

Appetizing college applicants and employeesYou will acquire skills that make you marketable: communication and global competence.PS. I will write a letter of recommendation for every kid who comes.

Gains in confidenceNothing builds greater confidence in a person than getting them out of their comfort zone. Navigate new experiences and adapt to change with confidence.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Share where Ive been and how it opened my eyes and my perspective on the world and acceptance of other cultures and belief systems: Mxico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, England, Spain. Helped me get outside of my comfort zone, gave me the travel bug, I got to practice and use my Spanish, made me grateful for what I have back at home. We take so much for granted. We see how others live and are happy with so little. We see the beauty in our differences. This is what we mean when we say these tours are educationally and culturally enriching experiences.

WHY EF?Best ValueHighest quality at the guaranteed lowest pricesPlanning and organizing all tour logistics by travel experts

Most EducationalFully accredited, just like our schoolFull-time personal, bilingual Tour Director

Safety FirstAll-Inclusive Coverage Plan6-to-1 student-to-chaperone ratioTrained and licensed local guides24-hour emergency on-call service

Peace of MindShould social unrest or natural events make traveling to our destination unsafe, EF will work with our group to make alternative arrangements.

Well have a tour director 24/7 from start to finish- they are locals who are multi lingual. They know what we need to know. In charge of all logistics on tour to help everything run smoothly.

Traveling with EF

Group travel keeps tours affordable, allowing more students to see the world

Combined groups get the best valueTour choice and departure date flexibility to match with other groupsMeet other students from around the countryOur requested tour dates are June 12th June 23rd, 2017WHY GROUP TRAVEL?

You need to be group minded on this tour. We are here together.

Tour map


Overview of trip

Day 1-3: MadridDay 1: Fly to Spain

Day 2: Tour Madrid and the Prado Art Museum

Day 3: More Madrid including:Puerta del SolThe Royal PalacePlaza MayorPlaza Oriente

Day 4: ToledoTravel to Toledo

Take a guided tour of ToledoVisit the Toledo CathedralVisit the Church of Santo TomVisit a synagogue

Travel to ConsuegraSee Don Quixote's windmills

Day 5: GranadaTake a guided tour of Granada and participate in a "City Challenge scavenger huntTravel to the Costa del SolVisit the Alhambra

Day 6: Morocco & Costa del SolEnter a world of mosques, camels and bustling markets as you ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar for a full-day excursion to Morocco. Explore the city of Tetouan and see the Andalusian and Islamic-influenced architecture as a local guide leads you through one of the citys seven gates in to the historic and traditional medina. Here you will visit a bazaar, experience the offerings of a spice shop and enjoy an included Moroccan lunch.

Day 7: SevilleTravel to Seville

Take a guided tour of Seville Barrio de Santa CruzVisit the Seville CathedralGiralda TowerTorre del OroPlaza de Toros

Day 8: CrdobaTravel to CrdobaVisit the MezquitaContinue on to Madrid

Day 9: Segovia & EscorialJoin a journey into the Castilian countryside.

First, stop in the beautiful medieval city of Segovia, where your guided walking tour is highlighted by a visit to the 14th-century Alczar fortress.

See the Segovia Roman Aqueduct built AD 81-96

Enjoy free time before proceeding to legendary El Escorial, the eighth wonder of the world, where youll tour the citys enormous Renaissance palace.

Day 10: BarcelonaExperience an AVE train to BarcelonaTake a walking tour of BarcelonaWith your tour director you will see:Las RamblasEnjoy free time in Barcelona

Day 11: BarcelonaTake a guided tour of BarcelonaLa Sagrada FamiliaMontjuc HillBarrio GticoBarcelona CathedralVisit Parque Gell

Day 12: Adios Espaa!

Ecuador last summer


The plan covers your child for:

Tour cancellation and interruption

Illness and accident

Baggage and property

Flight delay

24hr access to an English-speaking representative

I have not included this coverage in the tour price. Therefore, when you sign-up, it is your choice to enroll for the coverage plan. I highly recommend it.

For more information, call EFs Customer Service Department at 800-665-5364, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., MondayFriday.


Spending Money For additional tour experiences, free time activities, souvenirs, beverages, lunches and snacks ($30$65 per day)

Tips For your Tour Director, bus driver and local guides (around $10 per day)

Passport and/or visa fees

These are all necessities each traveler will be responsible for on this tour.


All travelers are responsible for securing necessary documentation

Valid passports are required for all travelers

Passports may take up to 14 weeks to process

Important note: Passports must be valid for at least six months AFTER our scheduled return date, June 23rd, 2017. (Dec. 23rd, 2017)

Good news: Our trip does NOT require travel visas.

Non-U.S. citizens may require special visas or other travel documents. Let me know tonight if this pertains to you.

PAYING FOR YOUR TOUREF Price Guaranteeyour guaranteed lowest price will never change once you enroll

You pay:$217 a month /$7 a day




1Pay in Full at Enrollment

Pay your entire balance at the time you enroll Payment methods accepted: Visa or MasterCard, ATM/debit card or personal checks.

Automatic Payment Plan Free

Payments automatically deducted from your bank account choose monthly or bi-weekly Payment methods accepted: ATM/debit card or checking account only. Manual Payment Plan - $50 plan fee

Receive invoices and make your payments in up to three installments Payment methods accepted: Visa or MasterCard, ATM/debit cards or personal checks.

For more information, call EFs Customer Service Department at 800-665-5364, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., MondayFriday.ONLINE ENROLLMENT WALK-THROUGH



Tour Number1819828CZ

Application deadline12/18/15 for current pricing(ends in 12 days)

CLICK ON LINK AND type in fake info to take them through the process and answer questions as you go.

Full-time, bilingual Tour DirectorEducational itinerarySightseeing led by licensed local guidesEntrance fees to select attractionsweShare, EFs online platform for a deeper learning experience

Round-trip flights on major carriers

Hotels with private bathrooms

Breakfast and dinner daily

Comfortable motorcoach

Program price includes:EVERYTHING YOU GET

Make sure All Inclusive Insurance is mandatory in price already!