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  1. 1. SPEAKINGACTIVITIES Activity 1: Find the differences Aim: The aim inthisactivityisto make studentsspeakbyfindingdifferencesbetweenpictures.This activitymayadapt accordingto studentslevel. It maybe usedin anylevel. Procedure : The teacher brings the class two picture which there are some differences. Pictures must be enough big to see. The teacher sticks the pictures to board. The teacher divides the class into two groups and wants students to find differences between pictures. First group starts and if they give true answer then they get one point and go on. If they dont, second group takes the turn. Activity goes on like that.
  2. 2. Activity 2: Taboo Aim: the aim of this activity is to make the students to talk in warm atmosphere without stress and anxiety. Procedure: The teacher brings the class colorful taboo cards. The teacher divides the class into two groups again. And the teacher wants one person of the groups to tell a card without using forbidden words to the other group The group which has the most correct answer win the game. The group using forbidden words gets negative points. PENCIL WRITE NOTEBOOK PEN DOG PET CAT BARK DRESS GIRL WEAR CLOTHES PIZZA FOOD ITALY ROUND SCHOOL PLACE STUDY TEACHER BANANA YELLOW FRUIT MONKEYS CARROT VEGETABLE ORANGE RABBITS BUS TRANSPORT WHEELS PEOPLE SUMMER HOT BEACH ICE-CREAM ELEPHANT ANIMAL GREY AFRICA PHONE TALK FRIEND OBJECT BEDROOM SLEEP ROOM HOUSE KEY DOOR OPEN METAL WINDOW OPEN GLASS ROOM CHAIR SIT DINING ROOM WOOD JUNE MONTH SIXTH SUMMER TEACHER SCHOOL CLASS TEACH COMPUTER MOUSE INTERNET EMAIL TO DANCE PARTY MUSIC MOVE ICE CREAM SUMMER EAT COLD MOUTH SPEAK BODY FACE BLUE COLOUR SKY EYES BALL ROUND PLAY SPORT BROTHER FAMILY SISTER BOY DOG PET CAT BARK
  3. 3. Activity 3: Interview about giving advice Aim: The aim is to make the students to talk about giving advice in pairs. Interview is a good activity for students, especially shy students, in terms of making the students to speak. Procedure: The teacher gives the students some situations about giving advice. The teacher divides the class into pairs. The teacher wants the pairs to give appropriate advice according to situations. Pairs change roles and the activity goes on like that. 1. I need to lose weight. Can you give me advice? You should eat salad. 2. I didnt pass the driving test. What should I do? 3. I need to save money at the supermarket. Can you give me advice? 4. I just arrived in the US. What should I do? 5. I found $20.00 in the school hall. Can you give me advice? 6. My sink is leaking. What should I do? 7. A friend asked me to lend her some money. Can you give me advice? 8. I want to quit smoking. What should I do? 9. My job is very stressful and tiring. Can you give me advice? 10. I feel homesick. What should I do?
  4. 4. Activity 4: Role play Aim: Role-plays are a great way to help students transition into using English in real-life situations. Role-plays are interesting, memorable and engaging, and they help students retain the language they have learned. Most importantly, they encourage students to interact with each other meaningfully. Procedure: The teacher gives the students some real life situations such as doctor-patient, ordering at a restaurant, checking into a hotel, making/canceling an appointment and take on different personalities. For example Making a hair appointment Receptionist: Good Morning. Super Cuts Hair Salon, Can I help you? Sue: Hi, Id like to make a hair appointment please. Receptionist: Okay, when can you come in? Sue: Tomorrow morning Receptionist: Ok. We have an opening for tomorrow Wednesday March 19 at 10:30am. Sue: Great. Ill take it. Receptionist: Whats your name? Sue: Sue Nelson. Receptionist: See you then. Canceling a dentist appointment Receptionist: Good afternoon. Dr. Smiths office. Can I help you? Sue: Hi, this is Sue Nelson. I need to cancel my appointment for Friday March 28 at 10:15am. Receptionist: Okay. Do you want to reschedule your appointment now? Sue: No thank you. Ill call back. Receptionist: Ok. Thanks for calling. Bye. Sue: Bye. Rescheduling an eye appointment Receptionist: Dr. Edwards office. Can I help you? Sue Nelson: Hi. My name is Sue Nelson. I need to reschedule my appointment. Receptionist: Sure. I have an opening on Thursday May 1. Are you available? Sue: Im sorry. Im busy that day. Receptionist: How about Monday May 5? Sue: Yes. Thats perfect. Thank you. Receptionist: Thanks for calling. See you then.
  5. 5. Activity 5: Listen and choose the right animal Aim: The aim is to improve concentration span and to recognize different wild animals according to descriptions. This activity improves listening skills of the students. Procedure: This activity is an online activity. The teacher prepares the computer and be sure that equipments work properly. And then the teacher has the students listen description of the animals. Students have three options to choose. And there are pictures of the animals. If they give right answer, the game goes on. If they dont, then they listen to description again. The activity goes on like that. Audio Script ( + / - ) 1. Nobody likes this animal because they bite. Now, it's not the worst bite in the world but the problem with their bite is that it makes you itch after they bite you. Some people get a red spot and they itch for days. 2. On the other hand, most people love this animal because they think it's so cute. They love to eat leaves and plants. They're vegetarians and these small little animals are sometimes kept as pets. 3. This animal is an amphibian which means that it can live in both water and on land. It looks like it has wings but I don't think it can fly and I also don't think it could climb a tree. 4. I don't know if they have these birds where you live but I've seen them in California quite a bit. They're ocean birds and they love to dive straight into the water with their long beak first and they catch fish. They are very large birds with a wide wing span and a super long beak. 5. This animal looks dangerous but in fact, it's pretty harmless and a lot of people keep them as pets even. They're pretty lazy animals. They like to sit around in the sun. They're reptiles. I think they can swim. I'm not sure but I think they can swim too. 6. There are a lot of children books written about these insects because they go through so many changes in their life. When they're born they are very small and they love to eat and eat and eat and get big and fat. And eventually they'll be able to fly but this one can't fly yet. Web addressee of the activity: http://www.elllo.org/english/Games/G026-WildLife.html
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