Spelunking for STEM Resources - FREE Tools from Discovery Education

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Presentation at 2013 Morgridge Family Foundation's Share Fair Conference at the University of Denver, CO

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  • 1. 1. Form a group of 2 or 32. Take a piece of paper3. Write your names at the top and where you arefrom4. Show what STEM education looks like belowo Creativity encouragedOpening Activity

2. Kyle Schu3 @ktschu3 kyle_schu3@discovery.comSpelunking for STEM Resources:free tools from Discovery EducationEdmodo Group Code: ru4kw4 3. Director, Education Outreach & Curriculum IntegrationKyle_Schu3@Discovery.comTwi3er: @ktschu3160 Character Bio:Husband father friend; Outdoors lover; lifelong learner, listener; DIYer; Director, Discovery Education; DEN STAR, PA Teacher 4. Goals ShareFair: at least 2 formal opportunities to share Ill share some of our (Discovery Educations) freeresources from our partners connect resources to good instructional strategies inorder to provide ideas for learning opportunities foryour students 5. Peopleslide VideoInsert our video here 6. STEM AnthemSTEM! STEM!Identify a problem in the communityHave your students solve it and soon they will beReady to collaborate and able to communicateUsing science, tech, engineering and mathWith a group of our peers, yea we reactGiving solutions that are making senseTo this global audienceChorus:STEM is a method of teachingYea engaging all across the curriculumChallenge-based,and an authentic wayOf having inquiry instructionYea, problems for real life that we simulateTo prepare our students for the workplacePrepare us for jobs of the 21st centuryWere working together, thinking - criticallyTo solve problems and make decisionsWith our creative intuitionUsing science, tech, engineering and mathWe use modern tools to documentAnd prepare for high tech careersLike creative engineersSTEM! STEM!h3p://www.iamlodge.com/kevlar/?p=125 Scroll down to middle of the page 7. Paperslide Videosh3ps://www..ncsu.edu/project/zz/pd/dierentiationresources/paperslidedif 8. Discovery Education Streamingh3p://www.discoveryeducation.com/DEN/drlodgevideochallenge.cfm 9. Sir Ken RobinsonMost&great&work&happens&in&groups;&Collabora6on&is&the&stu&of&growth.& 10. LEARN MORE!Sirkenlivestream.eventbrite.com 11. Friends of 12. Working with schoolsCustom Curriculum PortalsVirtual Field TripsSchool & Community EventsGames & SimulationsStudent Tools & WidgetsVirtual Labs 13. Where do you nd them?h3p://www.discoveryeducation.com/featured-programs/index.cfm?campaign=footer_teacher_programs 14. NatureWorksEverywhere.com 15. How have you been recording this information? How do you plan to share it? 16. h3p://www.ickr.com/photos/vblibrary/8135456587/Then: Curating in the Classroom 17. Edmodo 18. Padlet/Wallwisherh3p://padlet.com/wall/sharefair2013 19. Siemens STEM AcademyStem.discoveryeducation.com 20. WolframAlphah3p://www.wolframalpha.com/ 21. We Can Change the World ChallengeWeCanChange.com 22. 3M Science of Everyday LifeScienceofEverydayLife.com 23. North Americah3p://www.discoveryeducation.com/northamerica/event.cfm 24. Archived Virtual Field TripsIn Case You Missed Itdlc.com/DEvft 25. Twi3ertwi3er.com/search 26. Now: Curating in the Classroom 27. STEM Campdiscoveryeducation.com/STEM 28. Kyle Schu+ @ktschu+ kyle_schu+@discovery.comSpelunking for STEM Resources:free tools from Discovery Education