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The idea is to release a free ebook on math formulas targeted at CAT aspirants via paywithatweet system. It has immense viral potential. While the life-span of a magazine / newspaper advertisement is limited, this eBook will be constantly referred throughout the students CAT Preparation, and will also be used by the student on subsequent attempts, if any. We offer multiple avenues for exposure of your Brand and Logo - in terms of the book cover, on every page & on every tweet while word of the book spreads virally among CAT aspirants.


  • 1. Sponsor our eBook By:

2. Contents

  • What is the eBook about?
  • What we would do with it?
  • Benefits of sponsorship.
  • What the sponsor would get?
  • Cost/Price of sponsorship.
  • Our contact details

3. What is it eBook about?

  • An eBook containing a collection of math formulas and fundas which are relevant for CAT, XAT and other MBA entrance exams. It can be used for other competitive exams as well.
  • 2) The collection itself is comprehensive (based on my 4 years of teaching CAT candidates at IMS Learning).
  • 3) Unique collection(No compilation of this kind is available in the materials of leading coaching institutes and websites)

4. What we would do with it?

  • The eBook will be available for free download on our website viapaywithatweetsystem.
  • This is how paywithatweet works:

5. What we would do with it? (contd.)

  • 2) Launch date - 18 thSeptember . Enough time to viral before CAT 2010.
  • 3)Feedback- A link at the end of the eBook would take students to fill the feedback form (with their personal info) and provide them free eBooks onGK (IIFT and others) This feedback page will help us get closer to the exact number of people using the eBook.
  • 4) For thosewho do not have a facebook / twitter account , we would give them other options - email/comment /SMS/call us. This would be done at no charge to the student or the sponsor.

6. Benefits of sponsorship

  • Thetarget audienceis CAT 2010 candidates.
  • 2)Theebook is permanentunlike an ad in a magazine or an email. Since it is a formula book, a student is bound to refer to it over and over again.
  • 3)The eBook generates value for the user which implies that he/she wouldforward it to his/her friends . Therefore, even if unique downloads cease, the book and the sponsors name would continue circulating long after that!

7. What the sponsor would get?

  • 1) Mention on the cover.
  • 2) An Ad at the First page of the eBook.
  • 3) Mention on every page.
  • 4) Mention in every tweet / post.
  • 5) Minimum download guarantee.
  • 6) Budgeting Option.
  • Details of each point follows

8. What the sponsor would get? (contd.)

  • 1) Mention on the cover
  • For ex., the cover may look like this;

9. What the sponsor would get? (contd.)

  • 2)First page of the eBook -This could be an image or text hyperlinked to the sponsors website/facebook page.
  • For ex., the first page may look like this;

10. What the sponsor would get? (contd.)

  • 3)Mention on every page-It could be sponsors name or a hyperlink toits website.
  • For ex., every page may look like this;

Close up of every page 11. What the sponsor would get? (contd.)

  • 4)Mention in every tweet / post The compulsory default tweet / post is of 110 characters. User can edit the tweet, but less than 1% do it.
  • For ex., tweets may look like this;

12. What the sponsor would get? (contd.)

  • 5)Minimum download guaranteeWe very strongly believe in the eBook we have created and the value that it generates for a student. So, we guarantee a minimum of 2,000 unique downloads. The sponsor need not pay if minimum downloads guarantee is not met.
  • 6)Budgeting Option The sponsorship would be on a per download basis. The sponsor has the option to declare a cutoff point. If and when that cutoff point is hit, sponsors details would be removed.

13. Cost/Price of Sponsorship

  • X per unique eBook download .
  • To find out the value of X, contact us.
  • The eBook would be hosted on our forum which would give us the exact download stats.

14. Our contact details

  • Ravi Handa
  • Phone: +91-9461493393
  • E-mail:[email_address]
  • :facebook.com/ravihanda
  • :twitter.com/ravihanda

Avinash Maurya Phone: +91-9158086233 E-mail:[email_address] :facebook.com/mauryaavinash :twitter.com/avinash_maurya