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  • 1. Stages of my photography:finding the right image for the frontcover By Brigit Gunton

2. First Photograph Firstly I chose this photograph to useas the front cover. My idea was to make all thebackground black place brightcoloured text on top. Although the problem with thisimage is that the decks were a reallysimilar colour to the background sothe subject didnt stand out enough. Also most of the front covers that Ianalysed had a photograph on thefront where the model was lookingat the camera, I decided I wanted touse a photo with my subject havingeye contact with the camera, as Ifeel it makes it more personal. 3. Second Photograph I then chose this photo, and Iwanted to do the same idea,go around the DJ and make thebackground black as the decksare a slightly different colour inthis photo so the black wouldbe different. I then came across a problem,although my genre has astereotype of being a bit hazy,all the front covers I analysedhad the model in focus andthis photo was a bit too out offocus to use. 4. Third Photograph I then went and took another set of photosthat were completely different to my first. I went for a simple style, that was focused onthe model and unlike the others the DJ is notin action. The background was natural and Ididnt have to change it to black afterwards. Ialso thought the background is well fitted tothe article it is based on as the undergroundbrick wall represents the underground drumand bass artist. Although when I uploaded the photographsto the computer and saw in more detail thefocus was on the more on the backgroundthan the model. I am now going to take the same photos, inthe same location as I like the simplebackground but ensure that when I takethem the focus is on the model. 5. Final photograph I went back to the same location, the background isnice and simple and gives a nice underground feelto the photo, which represents the undergroundartist subject. This time I took a wider range of photos withdifferent light and different focus settings to makesure that the model was in focus this time. I also tried out more angles, this photo has more ofa lower angle which I liked because I found when Iwas analysing the front cover photos on existingmagazines many of the photos were from a lowerangle and it gives the effect that the artist isdominating. This photo gives me nice space to add my masthead and cover lines around the model withouthaving to cut any of him off or go over him, I amhappy with this and I think it has nice simplicitywith the layout and colours, allowing me to createwhat I want from it.