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I've been speaking about this a lot lately so I thought I would put the deck up here. Hope somebody finds it useful. The


  • 1. Startup Pitching Tips & TricksHandling The Hot Seat@tomfrazier

2. Primer On Startup Audience Lose the 1st, most, best,only, smallest, fastest crap They want you to succeed orthey wouldnt be there Try to give more(information) than you take(time) What you dont know is ...@tomfrazier 3. Primer On VAK Learning Visual Imagery, charts, handouts, props,colors, shapes Auditory Speak in a frame most peopleunderstand Lots of jargon Kinetic Movement on stage Gestures@tomfrazier Eye contact 4. Primer On Pitch Types1.The Complete Pitch2.Traction : Added 1M users3.X for Y : Facebook for dogs7.Service At Scale : Freelancer4.Personal Story : Dropbox 8.Itd Be Cool If : Pair for couplesbecause forgot a USB stick 9.Tech : Tesla Motors5.Derivative : Twitter Bootstrap 10.Dream Team : Parse6.Evolution : AirBnB or11.Consumer->Enterprise :RightSignature 5. The Meat (Content) Title Slide Problem Market Size Solution Business Model & Projections Secret Sauce Competition Team Traction Summary@tomfrazier 6. My Company V: logo, name, url A: My company X is developing to help @tomfrazierIS 7. Whats The Problem? V: Sensory image instead of chart A: Story of who has it and why it sucks@tomfrazierIS 8. Its a huge problem actually... V: Chart, metrics, etc A: Give the story and problem a sense of scale@tomfrazier IS 9. Solution V: Screenshot of app, photo of widget, etc. (Optional 2nd slide with one liner text from title slide for readers in room) A: Convince the room that they cant live without it. Sell the vision@tomfrazier CB 10. Business Model V: Construct to making money A: Share how this model has a strong network effect so 1 new user attracts > 1 more new user@tomfrazier IS 11. Year 1 Year 2Year 3 Financial Projections V: Combo chart showing sales/revenue against growth metrics A: Explore the aspects that make your business a homerun and not a base hit. P.S. it better be a homerun!@tomfrazierCB 12. Secret Sauce V: Another screenshot, secret weapon, whatever A: Address how you will protect this secret sauce through scale, IP, barriers, exclusivity, etc@tomfrazierCB 13. Competitors V: Logos in a list or chart or marketshare A: Honesty is best here. It shows youve thought about who you are up against@tomfrazierIS 14. Team V: Faces and 1 line bio A: Tell me why this combo is the ideal mix of hustler, hacker, designer and domain expert@tomfrazierNB 15. Traction V: Compelling information. Numbers, growth, savings, faces, etc A: Make the room believe that in X period of time you have achieved Y which shows you are on the right path@tomfrazierNB 16. Summary V: Product - Yes!, Team - Yes!, Can make money - Yes!, Traction - Yes!, The Ask! A: Provide a quick summary of all content. Your one-liner pitch again, read all points on this slide. Success is in our future@tomfrazierNB 17. The Potatoes (Delivery)@tomfrazier 18. Be Authentic You brand is not pitching. You are.@tomfrazier 19. Show/Tell A Story Take Us On An Emotional Journey.@tomfrazier 20. Recency Is King It builds trust, confidence and offers the audience something new.@tomfrazier 21. Personal Credibility Constantly and subtlety show it.@tomfrazier 22. The Gravy (Speaker Presentation Form)Source: Nancy Duarte@tomfrazier 23. Extra Gravy (Anchoring Your Presentation)Left = Today = Problem Right = Tomorrow = Your Solution@tomfrazier 24. Thanks!& keep pitching @tomfrazierAwesome images from jdhancock on flickr!