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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>RAJESH GANDHAM(PR)</p> <p>STATUE OF LIBERTY</p> <p>DESIGNERFREDERICAUGUSTEBARTHOLD F.A. Barthold was born on 3rd August, 1834.He was a French Sculptor.He began designing the statue in France in 1870.</p> <p>BUILDERGUSTAVEEIFFEL Gustave Eiffel was born on 15th December, 1832. He was a French Engineer and Architect.</p> <p>ORIGINEDOUARD LABOULAYE Statue of Liberty is the Edouard Laboulayes idea. Construction of Statue of Liberty was completed in 1886, and the statue was revealed on October 28, 1886 </p> <p>HEIGHT &amp; WEIGHT</p> <p>TORCH During therestoration Completedin 1986, the new Torchwas carefully coveredwith thin sheets of 24kGold.</p> <p>TABLETTall : 237Width : 137Date : JULY IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776) Dedication : Thursday, October 28, 1886Ceremonies held</p> <p>CROWN &amp; FACENo. of Rays in Crown : 7 raysLength of each ray : 9 feetWeight of each ray : 150 poundsFace Height : 8 feet</p> <p>CHAINS At the feet ofthe Statue lie brokenshackles of oppressionand tyranny.</p> <p>STEPS &amp; COLOUR There are 154 steps from the pedestal to the head of the Statue of Liberty. The colour of Statue of Liberty is Light Green colour.</p> <p> The Statue of Liberty was placed inside the existing fort wood and faces southeast. The statues position makes it a welcoming symbol for arriving ships.DIRECTION</p> <p>STAMPS &amp; COINS</p> <p>U.S. Airmail Stamp1971 issuePresidential Dollar coin</p> <p>REPLICAS</p> <p>Pont de GrenelleColmarMusee d Orsay</p> <p>santhi priyaPREPARED BY</p>