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<p>Step by Step of My Music Magazine Front Cover Spread</p> <p>First I have made my background for my front cover, however after some editing the background became darker</p> <p>These filters were what I used to edit the background and make it darker</p> <p>This is the photo that I used for my main image. The clothes that my model is wearing present the indie/rock genre and she is wearing a neautral expression to also help with presenting the genre. The image is big and takes up a large proportion of the page so that it is eyecatching to the audience.</p> <p>When editing my main image it also made the background go darker which I actually liked</p> <p>Here is my masthead and how I edited it...</p> <p>I then included a postioning statement which offers the audience some brief information about the magagine. It is also a statement that seperates my magazine from other magazines. </p> <p>I then included a buzz word that grabs the audience attention so that they can see what they can win and also to allow me to follow the codes and conventions</p> <p>I have no added a main headline and subheading to attract the audience attention. I did this by using the text tool and editing the outer glow.</p> <p>I then needed to add a barcode to make my magazine seem more realistic</p> <p>I have now added the price of my magazine which is 5 as it will be distributed monthly. I also included issue 1 and the date of distribution</p> <p>I also added the website for my magazine and positioned below the barcode</p> <p>Here is my final front cover. I believe that I have used the codes and conventions of a magazine front cover correctly and the overall look is professional and clean. I have taken into consideration what is featured on professional magzine front covers and have incorporated those features into my own product. I have used the colour scheme of Black,Red and White and have used a big main image that is eye catching. The subheadings are also short and eye cactching enough allowing the audience to gain some information about what will be featured in the magazine.</p> <p>Click to edit the title text formatClick to edit Master title style</p> <p>27/03/16</p> <p>Click to edit the title text formatClick to edit Master title style</p> <p>Click to edit the outline text formatSecond Outline LevelThird Outline LevelFourth Outline LevelFifth Outline LevelSixth Outline LevelSeventh Outline LevelEighth Outline Level</p> <p>Ninth Outline LevelClick to edit Master text styles</p> <p>Second level</p> <p>Third level</p> <p>Fourth level</p> <p>Fifth level</p> <p>27/03/16</p>