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  • 1. Presentation by Simon Krzic (SimonKr d.o.o.)

2. Stock footage producers since 2005 May 2007: Exclusivity with Istockvideo (RF) Sept 2007: Invited to Gettyimages (RR) April 2011: Invited to S3D Stereobank (RR) Avg 2011: 16669 video clips online at Istockphoto (RF) 840 video clips online at Gettyimages (RR) 64 S3D video clips online at Stereobank (RR) 11 people employed Mostly shooting lifestyle and business, not CGI More info: 3. This presentation is based only on our ownexperiences working in stock footage industry and it isnot meant to be any kind official market research orguideline for producing stock footage.Presentation is only an illustration of how we approachto the production of stock footage. We would behappy, if any of this information will help you build yourown successful stock footage portfolio, but we do nottake any responsibility that our approach, discussed inthis presentation, might or might not work for you. 4. Defining stock footage Becoming a contributor Essentials in preproduction Stockvideo shoot specifics Behind the scenes Post production Final submission to your online stock portfolio Aftermath and strategy Q&A 5. 4. 6. Stock footage is something that is being used in afilm or video production, but not shot with thatparticular production in mind. Typical productions where stock footage iscommonly used: documentaries television series news programs independent films commercials sports reviews movies... 7. Plenty of stock footage suppliers on the market .... Royalty Free model vs. Rights Managed (or RR) RM - having to pay to use the footage accordingto the number of screenings, distributionchannels and countries as well as its purpose. RF - one time payment to use in a singleproduction for as many screenings you like,wherever and for as long as you like 8. Some best selling video clips: example 1 example 2 example 3 What is common to all best selling video clips? Generic / many uses Hard to shoot / make Creative / unique approach Strong concept / story 9. 5. 10. How to evaluate a stock footage agency: Web Traffic (, Google trends) Number of sales for best selling business clip Price of the HD video clip Royalty rate (excl. / non excl.) Total number of clips online / contributors Which codecs can you upload, which platform Clips maximum duration How timeconsuming is adding metadata How to upload / choose online / thumbnails How you upload releases Inspection time Average rejection rate Average response time from support Seminars... 11. Unique visits compare (compete):Google trends (link) 12. General recomendations for newbies: Submit at least 1920 x1080p(i) Learn basics of lighting Get all the releases needed before the shoot Make a plan / strategy (hobby vs. business) Equipment recomendations for newbies: Camera device with complete manual settings Camera device with 25+ Mbit codec Fluid head tripod Proper offline editing software Basic lights and some grip (slider, jib arm) Good internet connection 13. Plan or strategy for a successful portfolio: Decide on a weekly upload plan Plan your shoots Dont copy directly Shoot, edit, upload Find ways to improve your knowledge Repeat last 4 lines over and over 14. 6. 15. What to shot?: Brainstorm for ideas Find those ideas, that inspire you Make a research on the web, how such ideas are being used in practice Use this research to decide on casting, styling, location, creative approach,... Final decision on the initial idea Example of brainstorming Example of web research 16. How to process your ideas?: Basic storyline (example) Basic scripts (example) Basic storyboards (example) 17. How to find locations and appropriate talent?: Friends (example) Family (example) Proffesionals (example) Agencies (example) Start building your own database (example) Few things to have in mind when location scouting: Sun position (Helios software) Access to the location and GPS coordinates Electricity Existing color temperature of the location Parking Private / Public 18. Location design, styling, props, make up: Find reference photos (example) Organise your props (example) Logos and design your 2 biggest enemies in RF Use only proffesional make-up (example) Problem with renting props Releases (model & property): Get all releases signed before the shoot Organise your scans(yyyy_mm_dd_shoot_name&surname) 19. 7. 20. Lenght limitations (5-30 sec) Creative freedom (skipping, adding shots) Usually no sound recording directing talent even during the shot more locations and equipment are suitable due to nonoise issues Stock video vs. stock photo shoot: acting vs. posing, different directing approach video needs usually longer time to set up electricity problems (frequency, wattage) only constant lights (more power) grip set-up time 21. How big should a crew be? Director / DOP Props / AD Make up artist / Styling Grip / Gaffer make good contracts regarding the copyright SimonKr team: 1x Director / DOP / AD / CEO / Post p. supervisior 1x Make up artist / styling / casting / coordinator 2x Grip / Gaffer / maintainance 2x research 2x location scouting, second AD 2x post production and metadata 1x administration, accountant 22. Directing an inexperienced talent: First shot is usually the best one Test them and find, what emotions suit them best Catch the moment 23. Benefits of a 4 day shoot on 1 location vs. 4 times 1 dayshoot on 4 locations : More relaxed More creative Less transport and set-up time More clips per hour of total operation 24. 8. 25. 8. 26. 8. 27. 8. 28. 8. 29. 8. 30. 8. 31. 8. 32. 9. 33. How to edit footage for stock: Import First selection Lenght of 5 - 30 sec Leave 3-4 sec at the end / beginning Look for action in the clip and execution of it Final selection Color Correction Color Grading How much color correction for stock use? (e1, e2) Logos and rotoscoping Noise reduction (Neat video) Exporting and archiving, backups At least 3 dislocated copies in a (422) format 34. 10. 35. What do you need to submit?: video clip in appropriate codec thumbnail releases metadata Benefits of pre-keywording (example) Applying metadata online (taging vs. keywording) Ways of promoting your work: banners (example) lightboxes (example) showreels (example) social media (example) 36. 11. 37. RPS (revenue per shoot) RPD (revenue per day) eliminating the time period: gives you an idea of budgets for different concepts in along termSimonKr average RPD: xBusiness shoots RPD: x3Lifestyle shoots RPD:x2Sports shoots RPD: xProffesion shoots RPD: x 0,5Abuse shoot RPD: x 0,1 38. Exclusivity vs. Non-exclusivity exclusives get higher royalty rate exclusivity grants more power to contributor non-exclusivity is a self-competitive concept non-exclusivity = more work BUT due to the current situation, it will be soon time tocalculate, what is indeed better for individual RM vs. RF RM = less sales per day, higher price per sale RF = more sales per day, lower price per sale best selling concepts are different 39. 12. 40. Some agencies that accept 3D: Stereobank Artbeats Mammoth HD-3D Nature footage 3D Some proHD compat 3D cameras on the market: Panasonic AG-3DA1 (list price 21.000 US) JVC GY-HMZ1U (list price 2500 US, fall 2011) Sony DEV-5K (list price 1400 US, November 2011) SimonKr 3D portfolio 41. 13.