STS altmetrics webinar October 2015

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  1. 1. Altmetrics in STEM libraries STS Webinar October 15, 2015 Rachel Borchardt Science Librarian, American University
  2. 2. In this talk Altmetrics overview Library support models Recent developments
  3. 3. What are altmetrics? The creation and study of new metrics based on the social web for analyzing and informing scholarship.
  4. 4. Finding/analyzing altmetrics Journal article usage Web of Science (new!) Taylor & Francis PLOS Elsevier Scholarly networks Individual sites Altmetrics tools
  5. 5. Using altmetrics Research Assessment Often attention or engagement, but some correlations with citation/impact Showcase achievements Tenure, promotion, grant funding Aligns well with broader impact demonstration Discovery Finding relevant research, appropriate publication venues, and potential collaborators
  6. 6. Types of library support Research Guides Workshops Individual consultations Symposia Institutional tools
  7. 7. Research Guides Example: UNC Health Sciences library research guide Basic information for researchers with links to more advanced information Direction for future: guides customized by discipline
  8. 8. Workshops Fall 2012 Target to relevant audiences Package with other relevant topics Maximizing Research Impact Choosing a publication Maximizing exposure Measuring impact/engagements Slides: Future packaged menu of topics for customized presentations / workshops OA, IRs, author rights, scholarly networks, etc. Fall 2015
  9. 9. Side note: MyRI, an online bibliography toolkit
  10. 10. Consultations Advertise possible services, available materials and points of contact Word of mouth often effective Again, customize to disciplines
  11. 11. Symposia Outside experts speak on a range of relevant topics Scholarly Communication is a common theme Some libraries host faculty-led presentations Connect with library support
  12. 12. Institutional altmetrics adoption PlumX and Altmetric offer tools Designed to facilitate assessment and showcase achievements at high level More details about Pitt librarys PlumX implementation here: http://d-
  13. 13. Whats happening now NISO Altmetrics Working Groups Current research Correlations Disciplinary outcomes STEM implementations of metrics American Mathematical Society Becker Model of biomedical research output
  14. 14. NISO Altmetrics Working Groups Definitions and Case Uses Improving and Standardizing Metrics Data Metrics and Calculation Methodologies End goals (my opinion) improve reliability standardize what we can increase stakeholder confidence/trust in altmetrics
  15. 15. Current Research Discipline-specific analysis of altmetrics Larger correlations between different metrics
  16. 16. STEM Implementations: American Mathematical Society 2009 Statement, The Culture of Research and Scholarship in Mathematics: Citation and Impact in Mathematical Publications Executive summary impact factor is largely irrelevant to our field, and heres why aders/culture/CultureStatement09. pdf
  17. 17. STEM Implementations: Becker Medical Library Model
  18. 18. Thank you! Rachel Borchardt 202-885-3657 @ButternutSquash