Styles Of Television Advertising

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<ol><li> 1. Shannon Fitzgerald </li><li> 2. Humour is a style of advert which is used to make people enjoy the advert. Humour advert is to make the advert stand out and make the public remember the advert more. A type of humour advert which is used to make the audience laugh and make them recognise the advert is the Specsavers advert, which also corresponds with lynx. The advert was first aired in 2010 and the advert is about a man who is in the jungle spraying lynx. Whilst him spraying lynx a bunch of girls are running through the jungle and once they reach the man and they see him with specsaver glasses they realise how ugly he is and walk away. Many people will see this as a humour advert as it shows how funny and how dumb the girls are running towards the man because of lynx. This advert is mainly targeted at males as the women is also used to promote to men to buy the lynx product. The code and conventions which is used through this advert is the lighting firstly. The high key lighting which is used throughout the advert shows how the video is shown in a positive perspective and shows the audience how the advert can be seem in a positive aspect. The setting as it is based in the jungle it primarily shows that the advert is promoting the nature of using the spray. The advert has used a lot of bird's eye view camera shot to show the public the setting of the advert and the bases of the advert. In addition, many close up shots have been used to show facial expressions and emotion towards the public. Costume have been used to suit the location and to grab the public's attention. Fast paced editing is used to catch the audience's attention and to make the advert more thrilling. Shannon Fitzgerald </li><li> 3. Shock and dramatic type of adverts are used to grab the audience's attention. Typically facts and statistics are used on these types of adverts to show the audience the realism of these adverts. Furthermore, charities and health adverts are mainly the type of adverts which uses shock or dramatic features. One advert which used shock and dramatic features is an advert which is called 'On your child's life' which is an advert which was produced in 2013 by a fire kills. This advert is based on a little boy who is telling the audience about how changing a fire can save a family's life. This boy is walking around a house which has been in a fire as everything is all ash and burned. He starts to play with toys and then starts to speak to the audience, which he tells them to make a promise. He starts off to mention how parents can prevent house fires. After mentioning that 'you can't turn back time' the boy disappears highlighting that the boy was killed in the house fire. The advert is mainly targeted at parents as the boy is used an direct approach as he mention about the parents making a promise. Codes and convention which was used during this advert was the setting. The setting was clear towards the audience as the advert was set in a burned out house, which was insinuated that the house was in a fire. The dark key lighting was sustained throughout the whole advert as it was dark and gloomy, making the advert shocking to the audience. There was no colour, as the advert was only in black and white showing the seriousness of the advert and how the fire can cause damaged and harm to people. The boy featured in the advert look very dirty and is seen in the advert as the boy who was in the house when the fire happened. Slow paced editing is used as this is an advert which is used to grab the public's attention. In addition, as the advert is telling the story the editing is slower so the audience can understand the story behind the advert. Camera shots which are used at typically mid shots and direct shots to show the audience that the advert is serious. Shannon Fitzgerald </li><li> 4. Intertextual references is where an advert is using text or another reference to promote the advert. Typically advert will use parody or pay homage to existing texts. This style of advert is used to help people remember and make it more recognizable. The advert is an 118 118 advert which has reference to wacky races which is is seen in the advert. This advert was published in 2007. The advert starts off with them in a van and they start running. Jump cuts of them running in different places which is reference to wacky races. During the advert a reference to Mr T is seen in a more younger version e.g. a child. Codes and convention which is used in this advert is the high key lighting which puts the advert in a positive light. In addition, colour which are used at everyday colours such as red, green, blue etc. which shows the audience that this advert is friendly and positive. Editing is fast paced as the advert wants to appeal to the audience and wants to grab the audiences attention. Costume is very iconic as the costumes in which they wear are very iconic as they wear the same outfit in every advert. This advert used sound and music which is effective as the whole advert has a song played in the background which is effective as it helps the audience remember the advert via the song. Shannon Fitzgerald </li><li> 5. Surrealism is a type of advert which is where the audience is not sure what the advert is trying to sell. The advert can be very confusing and very hard for the audience to understand what the advert is trying to achieve. Some adverts use surrealism to show the audience a product which they may like and prefer. An type of surreal advert is the Reebok advert 'Belly's gonna get you' whereby a massive life size belly is chasing a man down the road. The advert continues into a range of cuts which shows the belly chasing the man around town. The advert ends with the belly crashing into a river and the man holding onto the ledge. The slogan is 'lose the beer belly' which shows how the audience are mainly older males and females. Codes and convention which are used in the advert is firstly the special effects. Special effects have been used for the belly to be made, as in reality bellies are not like that. By using special effects this has made the advert more memorable and more laughable which will make the younger public enjoy the advert. Furthermore, as the advert is a surreal advert special effects will be used to emphaisise the advert. The lighting and setting of the advert is showing the audience how they are relating it to everyday, by the advert running through a town. The editing is face paced as the advert is where someone is getting chased, the editing will build the tension and create that's suspense which will intrigue the audience to continue watching the advert. This overall promoted the shoes as they showed the audience that them shoes can make you run fast. Shannon Fitzgerald </li></ol>