Summer Camps for kids in Spain Alicante Summer 2009

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DESCRIPTION 2, 3 or 4 week Spanish courses plus sport activities with Spanish children in July and August in Alicante. Spanish Courses in Spain for children students aged 8 to 13, combine Spanish language courses with sport activities in different summer camps, excursions and trips. Summer Immersion programs are the opportunity for children to learn Spanish in Spain and practice the Spanish language, as well as to discover a new culture and its customs, and make friends with other young people from around the world.


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2. i n d e x Children courses in Spain 2009 CHILDREN PROGRAMS OVERVIEW 3 CITY Alicante, Costa Blanca ABOUT ZADOR SPANISH SCHOOL OverviewCosy and friendly facilities in Alicante city centre. SCHOOL In Alicante 6 SPANISH COURSES Spanish lessons CHILDREN SUMMER CAMPS Tennis Summer Camp Activeandcommunicative Multi-Activity Summer Camp language lessons in mini-groups Water Sports Summer Campto learn to speak in Spanish. Sport Summer Camp with Golf 9 ACTIVITY PROGRAMME Games & activities Cultural visits Excursions Sample Programme scheduleSocial, cultural or sports ACCOMMODATION activities to enjoy your free time and excursions to get to Host family know Spain.TRANSFER 14 From Alicante airport INSURANCE Travel and accident insurancePRICESSpanish and Summer Camp for Children Package Children in Alicante in July and August. NOTES AND CONDITIONS 17 ENROLMENT & FORMS Enrolment Form Parental Permission Form Students visiting Alicante City Hall.children courses in alicante, spain 3. children courses overview2, 3 or 4 week Spanish courses plus sport activities with Spanish children in July and August in Alicante.Spanish Courses in Spain for children students aged 8 to 13, combine Spanish language courses with sport activities in different summer camps, excursions and trips.Summer Immersion programs are the opportunity for children to learn Spanish in Spain and practice the Spanish language, as well as to discover a new culture and its customs, and make friends with other young people from around the world. Summer Spanish language programs for children in Spain include special Spanish language courses adapted to their age, host family accommodation with full board (with 4 meals), activities, excursions and trips, transfer and insurance.Children Programmes have a high level of supervision and the students are constantly supervised by the Spanish School staff and the host family (walking to class, going to the summer camp, in the excursions). Children Programmes HighlightsProgrammes for children from 8 to 11 yearsold Summer Camp in the morning2 Spanish lessons per day in the afternoon(usually from 17:00 to 18:30)Full board host family accommodationCultural visits, trips and other activities1 full day excursion per week (Valencia,Tabarca Island, Terra Mitica AmusementPark or Elche, depending on the week)Local transport ticketsTransfer from Alicante airportInsurance *Our Children and Teen Spanish programmes also have an adult programme onsite, so it is possible for parents or other relatives to attend Spanish courses at the same school as the teen. While children and teens are in the summer camp, adults could attend Spanish lessons. Please ask us the adult Spanish programmes offered in our School in Alicante.children courses in alicante, spain 4. alicante overviewa mediterranean city If diversity is what you are looking for inyour Spanish immersion courses in Spain,you will find plenty of it in Alicante, inthe Costa Blanca region. Alicantecombinesclassicism withmodernity, leisure with business, funwith study, and even mountain andbeach. The richness of Alicante's history ispreserved through its archaeologicalremains. The beauty of its monumentsalong with the charm of variousfestivities and cultural events heldthroughout the year increase the appealof the city. The wonderful beaches and mildclimate all year round make Alicante oneof Spains most important tourist areas. All in all, Alicante is a Mediterraneancity, with its beautiful beaches, itspromenades, its restaurants, cafs andterraces, its nautical club... If you go up to the top of the hill of theSanta Barbara Castle, you will discoveran unforgettable panoramic view of themost important monuments in Alicante:the church of Santa Maria, theCathedral, the Town Hall faade, themonastery of Santa Faz, the SanFernando Castle and much more. Seeingall these magnificent monuments fromabove will invite you to go down the hilland walk along them. Along the streets, you will come acrosslarge and small palaces, as well astraditionally painted white, yellow andpink houses. Everything is illuminated bythe blue light of the Mediterranean Seaand encourages you to continue walkingaround and discovering places. The widest avenues, such as La Ramblaor Doctor Gadea will lead you to AlfonsoX el Sabio Street with the Luceros on oneside and the Central Market on theother, just opposite the School ofSpanish. children courses in alicante, spain 5. alicante overview a mediterranean city Location In the South part of the Valencia Region,Alicante is located 185 Km fromValencia, 60 Km from Elche, 515 Kmfrom Barcelona and 422 Km from Madrid.PopulationWitharound300,000inhabitants,Alicante is a prosperous city, attractingpeople from different regions in Spainand Europe. Alicante has grown a lotthanks the continuous expansion of itsdynamic services sector.How to get thereThere are train and bus stations, aharbour and an international airport.The A-7 toll motorway connects Alicanteto all the Mediterranean coast cities.There is also a highway to Madrid. Busand train lines link Alicante to all thesecities. Airlines offering both regular andcharter flights connect Alicante with themain European cities.Places to visit Santa Barbara Castle, the City Hall, oneof the largest medieval fortresses inEurope, San NicolasConcathedral,BonfireMuseum,CribMuseum,Archaeological Museum (MARQ), GavinaPalace,range of 18th century manorhouses and the sea front. Surrounding cities The biggest city is Valencia, 1 hour and ahalf, with architecturally impressive Cityof Arts and Sciences; Elche, where youcan walk round the largest palm forest inEurope; Orihuela, Murcia, Altea, Calpe children courses in alicante, spain 6. zador spanish school in alicante Zador Spanish language institute inAlicante occupies the first floor of arestored historical building, situatedright in the Alicante city centre. Alicante Spanish school is at 14,AVENIDA DE LA CONSTITUCIN, nearthe corner of the Alfonso X el SabioStreet,betweentheCentralMarketplace and the citys PrincipalTheatre. The Spanish language centre is verywell situated. It is 7-10 minutes onfoot from the beach, in a very dynamicand commercial area of Alicante. Themarket, the theatre, the shops, cafs,restaurants and terraces create a livelyatmosphere at any time of the day ornight. The Spanishlanguage schoolinAlicante has: An spacious reception area, whereyou will find a sofa, armchairs andeasy chairs to relax during thebreaksbetween yourSpanishlessons. Here you will also find agreat deal of tourist informationabout Alicante as well as bulletinboards with the activities offered byZador Spanish language school orevents in Alicante and surroundingarea.An office where there will always besomeone to inform you and give allthe information and support youneed.A computer area, where you cansend and receive your emails.7 classrooms, each decorated in adifferent style: the glazed tilesclass-room, the bay window class-room, the glass window class-room... all pleasant and welcoming,with video and audio equipment,where you will certainly enjoyworking and learning Spanish.Free Internet access is available onthe computers at the resourcecentre.Alicante Spanish language instituteis equipped with air-conditioning. Smoking is not allowed in the language school. The Zador Alicante Spanish language school premisescomply with all the legal requirements and are accessibleto the handicapped. junior courses in alicante, spain 7. spanish lessons overview lessons in mini-groups Our General Spanish immersion courses make use of an active, practical and communicativemethodologyto guarantee that students learn Spanish as fast and effectively as possible:With Zador Spanish language lessons:Students work on a variety of skills: Speaking and Fluency, Interaction, Listening and Reading Comprehension, Writing. There is a great focus on oral skills so that students develop an ability to communicate fluently, accurately and efficiently in Spanish language. Nevertheless, our Spanish lessons go far beyond that: they are an opportunity to learn about Spanish culture as well as a meeting point for people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures trying to find out more about Spanish habits, traditions, national celebrations, Geography of Spain and ways of living in Spain.Our small-group Spanish lessons will:allow to get the most from our personalized teaching, facilitate active and dynamic participation in class, maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques,thus facilitating the ability to speak Spanish fluently.Spanish lessons last 45 minutes and in all the ChildrenProgrammes students receive the book and lesson material. Spanish lessons HighlightsTeaching Spanish since 1990.Active, communicative, efficient, andreliable teaching methodology.A maximum of seven students perclassroom.Personal attention.Level Test (written and oral test) on arrival.Progress check test.Internet access. WIFI area.Certificate of Attendance at the end of thecourse.children courses in alicante, spain 8. children courses overview 2, 3 or 4 week Spanish coursesplus sport activities with Spanish children (70%) in July and August in Alicante. Programmes for children (8 to 13 years old) with Summer Camp in the morning, 2 Spanish lessons per day in the afternoon (usually from 17:00 to 18:30), full board host family accommodation with 4 meals, cultural visits, trips and other activities, 1 full day excursion per week (Tabarca Island, Terra Mitica Amusement Park, Terra Natura Park, or Aqualandia, depending on the week), local transport tickets, transfer from Alicante airport and insurance. Children programmes have a maximum level of supervision by the school and host families. They are accompanied to the school and to the summer camp every summer campspanish and intensive tennis training 2 or 4 week Tennis Camp and Spanish lessons forchildren from 8 to 13 years old in July andAugust. To participate in the Tennis Camp the traineesmust have an acceptable level to compete,must be kids usually playing tournaments orregistered in a club. Tennis camp focused on a high frequency oftraining sessions -5 days per week, 3 hours 30minutes per day from 10:00 to 13:30-, with themain goal of establishing the acquired technicalskills and of developing new ones. All this iscarried out by means of a methodology that hasbeen awarded the prize for the best tennisschool in Spain twice by the RegistroProfesional de Tenis. The distance from Alicante city centre to theTennis School is covered by public transport andlasts approximately 10 minutes. multi-activity summer campspanish and many activities 2 week programme in July for children from 8 to12 years old with activities every morning in asummer camp with Spanish children from 9:3013:30 with specialised monitors: swimming,basketball, football, volleyball, gymnastics,athletics, open air games, story telling As in the rest of Children Programmes, they live in afamily, have Spanish 2 lessons per day, visit the mostinteresting places in Alicante; have 1 full day excursion perweek, are covered by insurance and they will be picked upat the Alicante airport.children courses in alicante, spain 9. water sports summer camp spanish and sailing and windsurfing and canoeing 2 week Water Sports Summer Camp and Spanish lessons for children from 8 to 12 years old in July and August. 3 hours every morning from Monday to Friday in a Water Sports Summer Camp. Children start to practice sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing in a kind atmosphere surrounded with many games, baths, and excursions to the Northwest of Alicante Bay. During the sailing activities, students start to sail on group boats with a trainer. Divided into groups of 7 children, they will learn theoretical details about sailing navigation.On windsurfing time, children will learn how to handle the sail with balance exercises and many funny baths.On the canoe, they will feel the direct contact with the sea while learning to row in openwaters,alwayscontrolledand supervised by trainers and safety boats.The programme includes 2 Spanish lessons per day in the afternoon, transport tickets, full board host family stay, cultural visits, 1 full day excursion per week, transfer fromthe airport and insurance. sports summer camp with golfspanish and golf, paddle, swimming, football 2 week Golf and Sports Summer Camp and Spanish lessons for kids from 8 to 12 years old in July and August.3-4 hours every morning from Monday to Friday to practice many sports: golf (2 days per week, one hour and a half each day), paddle tennis or tennis, football, basketball, swimming,and craftworks. Each day combines three different activities so that children spend a funny day practicing these sports together. Furthermore, children will develop their knowledge of Spanish with Spanish children. In the middle of the morning, there is a break for having brunch.Children will be divided into age groups with a maximum of 10 children per group. Each group will be accompanied by one or two leaders, depending on the activity. After eating with the host family, the children can rest beforegoing to the school to learn Spanish from 17:00 to 18:30 h.After the lessons, students, accompanied by a teacher, willvisit Museums, Parks, participate in games, go to the beachand finally, around 20:00 they go to the family for havingdinner.children courses in alicante, spain 10. activity programme overview We know students want to learn Spanish but we also know that there are many other things surrounding the language that are important and interesting for them. Language, culture, monuments, gastronomy, the beach After the Spanish lessons and during the week- end, all these things will make their stay the perfect language immersion.From Monday to Friday activities take approximately from 2 to 3 hours depending on the activity. On Saturday or Sunday, the full day excursion takes approx. 8 hours.When a ticket entrance or a transport is necessary, the price is included in the cost. Transport could be public or private (decision to be taken by Zador). A Zador leader will accompany students during the activities.The activities below are a selection of the most interesting activities for the students; they change every week and students will take part in the activities planned during their stay.cultural visits in Alicante Visit to the Santa Barbara castle in Alicante: One of the biggest medieval fortresses in Europe. It is located on the peak and hillside of the Benacantil Mountain, so, from its privileged position, you can see the entire Bay of Alicante. Concathedral of San Nicols. Guided tour to the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ), with a workshop to learn ceramics (2-3 hours). Lucentum Archaeological Site. Bonfire Museum to know more about Fiestas in Alicante. Crib Mu...