Surah yaseen - A Beautiful App For Muslims

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Free application for platforms, android and iPhones

Text of Surah yaseen - A Beautiful App For Muslims

  • 1. The Heart of Quran A Smartphone App

2. Introduction Key features are: Verses provided in Arabic along with transliterations. Translation of Verses also provided in English language. Audio of Verses also provided, controlled by play and stop and stop button. You can also customize you screen as per your preferences. Sharing of this beautiful application is also provided. 3. About Us Quran Reading is a platform who always tries to step forward to educate Muslims with an ease. 4. Tabs 5. Features Click on the tab to read from of Surah Yaseen Click here to know benefits and blessings promised against reading Click here to know, how to use this app 6. Surah Ya-Seen The Tab contains Arabic Script of verses along with transliterations and translation. Transliterations Translation 7. Surah Ya-Seen The tab also contains audio against each Surah, which high light current verse while playing. Click Here to Stop Audio Click Here to Play Audio Click here to read from the last Quit point. 8. ThBenefits & Blessing This particular tab will take you towards a list of number of benefits and rewards, against reading of beautiful verses of Surah Yaseen 9. ThCustomization Click here to Select Reciter for Audio Click on the buttons to remove and display with Arabic Script Click on the slider to change size Click on the color to set 10. ThCustomization The application is free to use and available for platforms Android and iPhone. Links to download are as following; Download Surah Yaseen for Android Users Download Surah Yaseen for iPhone Users