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The truth of TajMahal has been uncovered ! ... before seeing this slide answer a question "who bulit TajMahal?" after seeing the slide, answer the same !

Text of Taj Mahal~Uncovered

  • 1.Uncovered


  • Shah Jahan merely acquired it from its previous owner, the Hindu King Jai Singh.
  • The Archaeology Survey of India (ASI) has been researching the evidence


  • Much of the Taj is hidden from public view. Here we will explain our point of view using some pictures provided by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
  • Many of the photographs are from during the British Rule because after independence most of the photographed regions are not accessible to the public anymore.


  • Building began around 1631 and was completed around 1653
  • For the construction, 20,000 men worked for 22 years.
  • It costs 32 Million Rupees to be built as on 1631.
  • But no accounts in Badshahnama indicate an expense of 32 Million or such relevant expense.

5. 1. Five Stories of the seven are sealed. They contain critical evidence2. They should not have been identical if only one was to be a mosque. 6. The lotus flower cap on the head of the dome is a Hindu feature. Muslim domes are bald. 7. The coconut, the bent mango leaves under it and the supporting kalash (water pot) are exclusive Hindu motifs. Islamic Icons are almost always complete circles leaving a little opening for a star 8. Upper floor are kept locked and barred since Shahjahan's time. The floor and the marble walls of such upper floor rooms can be seen in the picture to have been stripped of its marble panels. Shahjahan used that uprooted marble from the upper floor for constructing graves and engraving the Koran 9. Doesnt this look familiar to Om. While perambulating around the central chamber one may see such 'OM' designs. Dhautra Flower 10.

  • Raja Man Singh had 7 sons and 2 daughters for which he built 7 palaces for all the sons like the so called Taj Mahal.
  • Raja Jai Sing`s palace was the last palace in the row near the Yamuna river.
  • There were more 6 Palaces like TajMahal.

11. Burharpur. This building is one such ancient Hindu royal palace captured by the Moghuls.Mumtaz died here during her 14th delivery around 1630 A.D. while she and Shahjahan were camping here. 12. 13.

  • Today that palace is called the Taj Mahal. Nothing could be simpler. What building work is needed for burying a corpse in a Palace?
  • Government of India Denies all the Archeological Evidences even by the ASI.
  • Shajahan tried to prove his love, but he at last proved himself to be a normal human.

14. THE END By Topaz team, Department of Computer Applications & Software Systems, Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science