Task 2b - Purpose of Editing

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2B) Purpose of Editing Thor Analysis

2B) Purpose of Editing Thor Analysis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCjPBpdlccM

Time (Speed)In this scene it shows Thor walking towards destruction heroically. It is in slow motion to add a more dramatic effect. It also allows the audience to take in what sort of situation the protagonist/world is going through. Another example of this is during a fight scene between During a scene there was a compression to another setting/scene after showing a conversation between Thor and Coulson. This is also a flash-forward.

Space - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSbyknf4vJ4 eye line shot In this movie there is always a 180 degree rule between conversations. This rule suggests that the camera must only go around the speaking actors by 180 degrees, this makes the filming more believable because they stay on the same sides they begun with during this conversation. This is also incorporated with shot reverse shot, this is where two or more shots are taken from each side of the characters to show a conversation. The eye line shot is where an actor is looking at something and it is then revealed to us, in this case a mace was pulled out by one of Thors allies and there is focus on his face, however when the spikes come out of it, the focus is on the mace. This emphasises the feeling of battle taking place.Match on action is another editing technique used in this film to make the scenes seem more believable or more entertaining for the viewer. During the fight with the frost giants, one of them jumps off a cliff, during his run towards it the camera follows him. This is match on action. Another element of an eye line shot took place during this scene where after the jump he smashed the ground and the camera looked up to show the effect of his slam to the ground.

RhythmDuring the frost giant fight there is a very fast cutting however building up to this there is a slow cutting rate. This slow cutting rate builds up suspense in vice versa with the cutting rate until it becomes fast in the actual fight. The fast cutting rate shows a series of different fights all happening at the same time with the frost giants and Thor and his allies. Due to a fast cutting rate this means the duration of each shot is very short however it all flows into each other. The fights go either way, if the protagonists are winning then it will show that or if they are losing it will show all of them losing.