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Team survivors

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Presentation on Social Media

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  • 1. Stage 1ThePreliminaryRoundTeam Name:Name of first member: Rashi SharmaCollege Name: Symbiosis Institute of Mediaand Communication, PuneName of second member: Parul BhatiaCollege Name: Symbiosis Institute of Mediaand Communication, Pune

2. Once Upon A Time ....In a far far land of Hamlyn, lived a marketer who was happy to seehis brands attracting consumers. His brands dominated print,television and radio across continents.The consumers in his market were drawn to the flashy full pageadvertisements in newspapers, enjoyed the constant reminders onradio and were excited to see their favourite celebrity ontelevision talk about a brand close to his heart. 3. As time passed, his brands began to feel tired of their constantpresence in mediums like print, radio and television. They feltcluttered and couldnt invoke consumer appreciation as they didbefore.They craved an audience that had now eluded them. 4. One day, a strange looking medium came totown. He called himself Digital a.k.a the PiedPiper.He asked the marketer, What will youpay me if I get you your consumersback?The marketer offered him growing popularity over other mediums. 5. Next day, the Piped Piper started playing his pipe. His key notes sang ofFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and more.Unaware of their own actions, the hypnotizedconsumers began to engage with the brands.Unaware of their own actions, the hypnotizedconsumers began to engage with the brands. 6. After all the consumers were introduced to the brand, Digital went backto the marketer to ask for his reward. The ecstatic marketer couldnthold back his joy and asked Digital to share his trick.Digital denied and said, Soon others will inquire about me and the bardswill write a song. I want you to tell them who I really am. I am SOCIALMEDIA.To wipe out the confusion on marketers face, Digitalnarrated a short story...... 7. Who am I? I am Social I am Interactive I engage I communicate I startconversations....!! 8. I am Unique because.... Increase exposure Increase traffic Develop loyal fans Generate leads Improve search ranking Grow business partnerships Reduce marketing expenses Improve sales Provide marketplace insight 9. LOOKhowOREOcoveredeverychannelsRED BULLknows mewell andsee whatthey didhere !STARBUCKS washappy to seetheir targetaudience on mychannelsSee what I have done so far... 10. And so ended the story. The marketer was happy whenDigital promised to stay longer than he anticipated. Nothingcould dampen the high spirits and so the brands lived happilyever after !

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