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  • 1. Techniques for Creativity Presented By:- BABASAB PATIL 4/10/2013

2. Creativity Creativity is Looking at things from a different point of view. 4/10/2013 3. Creativity is the generation and expression of new ideas in a non-evaluative framework in which the creator takes risks, challenges assumptions and sees things in a new way, without the worry of producing right answers. 4/10/2013 4. Techniques for creativity Creative techniques are deliberating thinking process designed to help find ideas and solve problems. The most common creative process is analogical thinking the transfer of idea from one context to a new one. 4/10/2013 5. Techniques for creativity 1. Asking what if questions.. 2. Asking What changes would you make to something 3. Asking How can we make something better/How can I improve this? 4. Asking "in-how-many-different-ways" questions? 5. Generating solutions through questioning. 6. Combining two or more ideas, products, feelings etc to produce a new one. 7. Ask "How can we do this in a totally new way. 8. Find a new application for something old 4/10/2013 6. Techniques for creativity It covers what, why and how creativity and innovation, steps for personal creativity and how creating creative thinking ability etc described in detail. It covers what is innovation, how group process increase innovation, types of assessment, innovation process with detail steps described. It covers barrier to creativity and innovation, decision- making process. 4/10/2013 7. Cont.. Our creativity and innovation techniques presentation kit is a cost-effective approach for enhancing safety, quality, and the work environment and reduce your cost. Use these presentation materials to educate management and employees to create innovative work culture in the organization to improve the bottom line and increase profit margin 4/10/2013 8. Advantages of Creativity techniques implementation Innovation techniques training: create a more efficient, effective operation and Quality improvement. Enhance marketing and increase your business after system implementation as per creativity and innovation techniques requirements Promote international trade. Improve innovation, awareness and morale by implementing Innovation techniques methodology and documentation. Increase customer satisfaction and retention by implementing innovation techniques and presentation slides. Increases profit margin and increase turnover by implementing innovation techniques. Reduce cost and increases productivity and Innovation create vibrant work culture 4/10/2013 9. Creative Problem-Solving Techniques Brainstorming Used in creative problem solving and idea generation. Creative problem solving: a method for obtaining new ideas. Spontaneous contribution of participants. Problem statement-neither too broad nor too narrow Avoid inhibiting responses. NO group member should be expert in field of problem. Ideas even if illogical, must be recorded. Prohibit criticizing OR evaluating during BS session. 10. Cont A group method for obtaining new ideas focusing on the negative. Finding fault by asking questions in how many possible ways can the idea flop. Maintain group morale. Stimulate innovative thinking. Often involves identification of everything wrong with an idea- followed by discussion how to overcome these problems. 4/10/2013 11. Creative Problem-Solving Techniques Gordon method Method for developing new ideas when the individuals are unaware of the problem. Checklist method Developing a new idea through a list of related issues. Checklist have been written expressly to solve problems creatively. 12. Cont.. It involves identifying the key characteristics, or attributes of the process or product in question product or in question and then thinking of ways to change, modify, or improve each attribute. Morphological synthesis: it is a simple elaboration of attribute listing. 13. 4/10/2013