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  • 1. AS Media Studies The Importance of Technological Convergence Friday 7th March 2014 Unit G322: Key Concepts Exam

2. Why? Aims & Objectives So YOU are prepared and ready for the exam on May 23rd 2014 Re-cap prior learning of areas we have covered in previous Section B: Film Industry (50 Marks) lessons To gain a better understanding of how Technological Convergence is having a profound impact on the Film Industry at both a High and Low Budget Level. See what impact these developments have had on the case studies we have analysed, as well as other relevant examples. Review the learning 3. 4. Starter Re-cap some key areas YOU MUST write down as much information as you can in relation to this Case Study example that will be shown. YOU SHOULD refer to areas covered in relation to PDME For example WHO Produced the movie and WHEN? 5. Starter Re-cap some key areas YOU MUST fill in the gaps in relation to the Case study example(s) covered. Extension YOU COULD relate these figures to a Film we have covered OR one of your own. 6. DVD/Blu-Ray In 2012, feature film video sales and rentals in the UK generated just under 1._ billion. In 2012, 17_ million videos in all categories were sold, down 1__% on 2011. WHY? 2 9 4 7. HOW is this an example of Technological Convergence? Clue: See area circled in the phone 8. 200m was spent in the UK alone on VOD Last year (2013) 2012 - The combined film on VOD revenues represents approximately 6% of the total UK filmed entertainment market, compared with 4% in 2011. 9. In 2012, more than 16 million households were able to access television-based VoD and spent (excluding VAT) an estimated 121 million on films. 10. What IS Technological Convergence? It is the merging (convergence) of more than ONE Technology and/or Platform that helps promote or exhibit the same product 11. Technological Convergence and in many respects synergy with other brands has given audiences the kinds of entertainment experiences they want (Jenkins 2006). Institutions such as Warner Bros and Sky also benefit from providing this access to the film. 12. XBOX 360 Game is available but what else can you do on the XBOX 360? 13. Comparison Task: YOU MUST list/write down as many different ways in which an audience could have accessed this film on the release date when was the release date? Key term: Multi-platform Day-and-Date release 14. FEEDBACK 15. You have 30 seconds to highlight/annotate the language in this Question. YOU MUST write an Introduction (based on the task completed above) For example: The importance of Technological Convergence.. 16. FEEDBACK 17. YOU MUST write a comparative PEA Paragraph in relation to the 2 Case Study examples above. YOU SHOULD support your understanding with statistics/key facts that we have covered today and where relevant in previous lessons. Extension YOU COULD Write more than 1 Comparative Paragraph. 18. Connectives Similarly. However, in contrast,.. Within the Indie Sector of the Film Industry, however,. 19. FEEDBACK 20. WHO Produced The Angels Share? WHAT year was it Produced? 2012 21. and Visit the Blog Page for The Angels Share (2012 Sixteen Films). Scroll down to the links provided for these 2 forms of VOD HOW is this different to other more mainstream VOD Services such as ? WHAT does this say about the appeal of the film compared to more mainstream Blockbusters? 22. FEEDBACK 23. Comparison Using the images as clues, YOU MUST compare how Technological Convergence assisted in popularizing these 2 movies. YOU SHOULD consider HOW you can access media products like iTunes and whether both films utilised this service. 24. FEEDBACK 25. A Late Quartet (2012 RKO Pictures) Other Examples worth researching.. 26. market/5053562.article YOU SHOULD look at this article and many others available online for Futher reading 27. YOU SHOULD refer to the following case studies in relation to the significance new experiences like IMAX 3D Offer the audience: and Gravity (2013 Warner Bros) Stalingrad (2013 Columbia Pictures) 28. Gravity (2013 Warner Bros) 29. Gravity (2013 Warner Bros) 'Gravity' coming back to IMAX screens By Chelsea Lewis January 18th 2014 Gravity, the space thriller staring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, will be re-released on IMAX screens on January 31st. Gravity was a box office success and many moviegoers went to see the space thriller in IMAX. Crave Online added that the re-release will be for IMAX in 3D. Cinema Blend reported that the film will also be returning to be viewed in 2D on screens today. Greg Foster, CEO of IMAX Entertainment and Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX Corp, spoke about how due to fan demand the film is being brought back into IMAX. "Congratulations to Alfonso, David Heyman and Warner Bros. on todays Academy Award nominations," Foster said. "Were delighted with the overwhelming success of Gravity and the continued demand were seeing from moviegoers, both domestically and around the world, to bring it back in IMAX. Word of mouth has been tremendous, with fans and critics demanding that Gravity must be experienced in the most immersive way possible." 30. Visit this page and look at the PowerPoint embedded into the Page. YOU MUST Complete the tasks on the page and finish for homework. 31. Review the learning YOU MUST write down WHAT technological Convergence is and give x2 examples from either of the case studies. Extension YOU COULD give more than 2 examples 32. Homework Complete the Stalingrad research task on the Blog. DUE: Next Section B Lesson Monday 17th March 2014