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  • 1. 10Tenth grade meeting new people What do we say when we introduce ourselves?Greetings Hi, Im John. Hello. Im Simon. Simon Davis. Hi there. My name is Samantha Tart. Responses Nice to meet you. Im Gary. Pleased to meet you. My name is Terry. Its a pleasure to meet you. Im Jennifer Holmes. Please call me Jen. Questions Nice to meet you, too. What do you do? Pleased to meet you, too. Where are you from? Its a pleasure to meet you, too. What line of work are you in, Jen? Responses Im a nurse. I work in a hospital downtown. How about you? Im English. Im from Bristol. Its in the West of England. Do you know it? Im a Sales Representative. I work for a pharmaceutical company. How about you?Practice i Read the models below, then practice introducing yourself.a) Hello. My name is Charles Johnson. Im from the UK. I live in London. Im a Businessman. I work for Active Sports Incorporated. My company designs, produces and sells sportswear for the outdoors. b) Hi there. Im Sarah. Im Canadian. Im from Canada. Im married and have two sons. My parents live in Toronto. I have one brother and two sisters. My husband is a dentist. c) Nice to meet you. Im James. James Sherman. I come from New Zealand but I live in Tokyo. Im a student. I study Japanese Language at Tokyo University. In my free time I like to play football and watch films.

2. Step 1 : Complete the questions with the correct question words. Step 2 : Interview a friend using your questions. Record the answers.Step 3 : Tell the class some things about the person you 1. you have a pet?2. Where you from?3. you have any brothers or sisters?4. Who your best friend?a. Doa. Isb. Doesb. Doc. Arec. Ared. Isd. Doesa. Doa. Isb. Doesb. Doc. Arec. Ared. Isd. Does5. How old your grandparents?6. What time you get up?7. When your birthday?8. you have a bicycle?a. Isa. Doa. Isa. Dob. Dob. Doesb. Dob. Doesc. Arec. Arec. Arec. Ared. Doesd. Isd. Doesd. Is9. your father have a car?10. you married?11. your mother have long hair?12. What the besta. Isa. Doa. Isb. Dob. Doesb. Doc. Arec. Ared. Doesd. Is14. What your15. What time a. Do b. Does c. Are d. Is13. you hungry?favourite food? a. Is b. Do c. Are d. Doesrestaurant in town?c. Are d. Does 16. Who youryou usually havefavourite actor?a. Dodinner?a. Dob. Doesa. Isb. Doesc. Areb. Doc. Ared. Isc. Are17. the sun shine at night?18. How many students there in class?19. there a cinema near here?a. Doa. Isa. Dob. Doesb. Dob. Doesc. Arec. Arec. Ared. Isd. Doesd. Isd. Is 20. you tired now? a. Isb. Do c. Are d. Does 3. My baby sister ...... now. She has just had her porridge.Steve is in his bedroom. He ...... the floor.I am at the table with my family. We ...... dinner.1) is smileing 2) smiling1) is vacuuming 2) is vacuming1) are haveing 2) is having3) is smiling3) are vacuuming3) having4) is smilling4) is vacuumming4) are havingMy mum and I ...... a goodnight kissMy dog, Rocky,...... in his box now.Its sevenoclock. I ...... up.to each other. 1) am giving 2) am giveing 3) are giveing 4) are givingI ...... an essay on modern English literature. 1) am writting 2) am writeing 3) m writing 4) m writeingMolly and Sue ...... the car at the moment.1) is sleep 2) is sleeping 3) is sleepping 4) am sleeping1) am getting 2) am geting 3) are geting1) are wash 2) are washing 3) are washhing4) is getting4) arent washingAlice ...... chicken soup forDave and Ann are in France. TheyWe are in the school library. JackIts a break time. Jack and I ......dinner today....... French....... a book.football.1) is coking 2) is cooking 3) is cookking1) are speaking 2) are spaeking 3) are speakking1) is borrowing 2) is borrowwing 3) is borowing4) is cook4) is speaking4) is borowwingMy grandpa ...... the morning1) am playing 2) are plaiing 3) are playing 4) are palyingthese days.newspaper now.Tom ...... a barbecue for us atSara ...... her sisters hair at thethe moment.It ...... a lotmoment.1) am reading1) is snow1) is prapering1) is combing2) is readding 3) is raeding2) is snowwing 3) is snowing2) is preparing 3) is prepareing2) are combing 3) is combbing4) is reading4) is snoowing4) is prepaering4) are combbingKate ...... her bed at the moment.The kids ...... the 100-meter dash.Suzie and Jim ...... in the park now.Maria ...... flamenco today.1) is make 2) is makeing 3) is making1) are running 2) are runing 3) are run1) are wakling 2) are walkking 3) are walking1) is praciseing 2) is practiceing 3) is practizing4) are making4) is running4) are wallking4) is practising 4. The Third Person Singular Verbs: Rules 3rd. Rule, Verbs: Examples 1st. rule: Add s to the verbs Read: reads Study: He studies English downtown Play: plays Fly: Andrea flies her model plane. Come: comes Dry: Silma dries her clothes at home. Like: likes Cry: Anthony cries for his girlfriend. Work: works 2nd. Rule: Verbs ending in s, sh, ch, x, o add es Pass: passesIdentify the verbsWash: Washes Fix: fixes Go: goes3rd. Rule:Verbs ending in y followed by consonant, change y to ies .1st. Rule, Verbs: ExamplesStudy: studies Read: She reads story books everyday. Fly: flies Play: He plays soccer on Sundays. Dry: dries Come: Maria comes to school by car. Cry: cries Like: Marcus likes to listen to music. Work: Pedro works for Mabel Factory. Live: Lcia lives in Jardim Olympics.2nd. Rule, Verbs: Examples Pass: Kris passes me the salt, please Wash: Carlos Washes his car on Sundays. Fix: Andre fixes his bike when it breaks Go: Susy goes to the club at the weekend Do: Mrcia does her homework at 3:00 p.m Watches: Lucius watches TV every night.Henry is a shop assistant. He works in a shop at the station. He gets up at seven oclock. He has breakfast at half past seven. He drives to the station. At the station he sees a friend, Mary. She goes to work by train. Her train leaves at eight oclock. Henry starts work again. At eleven oclock, he stops working for fifteen minutes and drinks coffee. He doesnt have lunch. At four oclock he stops working and has tea and a cake. He leaves work at half past five. He doesnt stay late. He studies German before he goes to bed. 5. Phillips _________________(fly) to Guayaquil in Spring. Bob _________________(like) to play hide and seek with her classmates. Paula _________________(row) on the lake on Sunday afternoons. Julio _________________(watch) videos in the evenings. The child _________________(climb) on the monkey bars in the park. He _________________(go) round and round on the merry-go-round. Mrs. Ramirez_________________(dress up) as a pirate every Halloween. Bastian _________________(wash) her hair every week. Martha _________________(have) a break at 11 oclock. Samantha _________________(roller-skate) in the park on Wednesday. Ceci_______________(attend) orchestra practice after institution.. Andrew___________ (copy) the exercises in the English class. Sarah _____________(do) activities in the gym every month. 6. Present Unreal Conditional Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate conditional form, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. Did you hear about that guy who won 180 million dollars in the lottery? If I (win)that much money, I (quit)(travel)my job the next day. Iaround the world and (stay)hotels. If I (want)in the most luxuriousanything, I (buy)it. If I (see)beautiful Mercedes that I wanted, I (buy) beautiful hotel and the hotel (be)ait. If I wanted to stay in a full, I (buy)make them give me a room. I (can)the hotel anddo anything in the world if I had 180million dollars ... Oh, I am starting to sound a little materialistic... Well... I (do)good things with the money as well. If anybody(need)help, I (give)(donate)money to charities. I (give)the arts. If I (win) (help)them some money to help them out. I money to help supportthat much money, I wouldn't keep it all for myself. Ias many people as possible. 7. CAN: ability in the present, asking permission.Fill in the blanks with proper modal verbs1) When Susan was five, she _________ read and write. 2) I _________ get up early today. Because it is Sunday. 3) Birds _________ fly but lions _________. 4) This bag is too heavy for you. _________ I help you?COULD: ability in the past, polite requests, asking permission politely5) I _________ wear school uniform at my school. 6) You _________ smoke here. It is forbidden. 7) _________ you turn on the lights, please? 8) I _________ help my mother with the housework. She is tired. 9) If you go to bed late, you _________ be late for the school.MUST: internal obligation MUSTNT: prohibition10) You _________ do your homework if you want to go out. 11) _________ you help me with the cleaning? 12) I _________ drive to work last year but now I _________ as I moved to a new apartment.13) _________ we go out tonight? 14) She _________ walk because she has broken her leg. HAVE TO:external obligation HAD TO: obligation in the past15) Rose _________ obey the rules but she didnt. 16) You _________ pay the taxes regularly otherwise you _________ be punished.17) You _________ park here. You _________ find a parkland. 18) She _________ win the match because she was ill.NEEDNT, DONT HAVE TO, no necessity19) We _________ buy tickets for the concert. Susan has already bought them.20) My father is very talented. He _________ paint very well. 21) It is hot outside. You _________ wear you jacket. 22) It is raining heavily. You _________ take your umbrella. 23) You _________ use your mobile phone at the cinema.WOULD: polite or formal requests24) My mother _________ go to the dentist. She has a terrible toothache.25) _________ I borrow your camera tonight? 26) You _________ touch it. It is too hot. 27) You _________ be careful while WILL: offers, opinions, hopes, warnings, fears, suggestions, promisesdriving. 28) When I was a young man, I _________ run fast. 29) _________ elephants jump? No, they _________.SHALL: questions, offers with I and WE30) You _________ pick up these flowers. Other