The Battle Against DDoS | DDoS Attack Statistics

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DDoS attackers use millions of remotely controlled zombie or botnet computers in their fight against legitimate businesses. Their mission is to wreak havoc. Based on the damages shown in the infographic, they are often successful.


  • 1. THEIR METHODS:Commandeer networks of remotely controlled zombie or botnet (robot network) computersEnlist millions of zombies to relentlessly attack at the same time, making them difficult to identifyKeep a low profile to stay well disguisedTHEIR MISSION:Wreak havoc on businesses and individualsContinue to escalate attacksMake computer resources or entire networks unavailable for intended users2.1 $ 7 1 millionTHE DAMAGES: US$ millionEstimated cost of 4 hours of website downtime*US2012 estimated cost per DDoS attack on a financial services company*GET PROTECTEDTHISJUSTIN and create news headlines27 millionUS$Average financial damage for 24-hour outage*Not to mention Loss of customer satisfaction and brand reputation Increased security risk due to distraction Lower stock prices and investor confidence Lower Google search rankingsWITH PROLEXIC!* Kindervag, John. Develop a Two-Phased DDoS Mitigation Strategy. May 17, 2013. Forrester Research.