The Death of Osama Bin Laden

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The Death of Osama Bin Laden: How the US and the World Reacted

The Death of Osama Bin Laden: How the US and the World Reacted

Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin LadenWas on the FBIs Most Wanted List for more than a decade. He was also suspected of being involved in the 1998 bombings of the US Embassies in both Kenya and Tanzania. He lived a privileged life growing up. He was the 17th of 52 children born to Mohammed Bin laden, the owner of the largest construnction company in the Saudi Kingdom.Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1957 or 58?

The Pacer

Leading up to Operation Neptune Spear, aerial photography captured an image of a tall slender man dressed in traditional Pakistani attire pacing around a vegetable garden. There had been no real confirmation of his whereabouts for 8 years.

Gen. McRaven and Seal Team 6Once the operation developed and intelligence confirmed Bin Ladens presence at the compound in Abottabad, McRaven was consulted before taking the next move. He designated Seal Team 6 to be the force to infiltrate

Operation Neptune SpearHow it all went down

Details of Operation Neptune SpearBlack Hawk Helicopters went from Afghanistan over to Northern Pakistan to touchdown at the compound Abottabad. Two helicopters touched down and 25 Navy SEALS breached the walls, where an occupant of the compound open fired. 3 Men and 1 woman are killed with no US casualties. Osama Bin Laden is killed on the 2nd floor of the compound at 1:00 am PKT on May 1st.Obama announces his death to the U.S. public at 11:45 pm on May 2.

REACTIONSMy first thought was not, Oh God, the Killer of my husband is dead I never thought of him as a person, I thought of him as a symbol. What he symbolizes is not gone, anymore than killing Saddam Hussein killed dictators. Nikki Stern, widow to Jim Potorti who was killed in the north tower

The Unsatisfied There are many deaths that led up this event and many deaths that will likely come after it. This is not cause for celebration. -Diane Horning, whose son was killed in The World Trade Center

The SatisfiedMy only regret was not being with the team that went into the compound. -Fred Infante, whose brother, a police officer who died while helping evacuate workers from the World Trade CenterI was hysterical crying. I was so thankful to God. I am so proud of our Navy SEALS and how they found him. This was a moral victory for America and the world. -Susan Rescorla, whose husband was killed at the World Trade Center

Hours after Obama announces Bin Ladens death on May 1st, 2011

Top Themes for Twitter and Facebook that followed the raid

Pakistani Opinion

Many Pakistanis thought Bin Ladens death would bring more tension between their country and the U.S. Roughly 51% think relations with the U.S. will worsen, while 4% thought relations would improve. Six-in-ten say it is important for U.S. relations with Pakistan improve.

Anti-American fighter A poll was conducted by Phoenix TV where, out of 500,000 Chinese who were interviewed after Bin Ladens death, 59.5% expressed a view of sadness for his death. Zhang Zing, director of the China Central Televisions and National Security and Military Channel, said that Osama Bin Laden should be commended, for Bin Laden used, His own power to fight the most powerful country in the world, America.

The Pakistani-U.S. ConspiracyInvestigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, recently released an article claiming the raid was coordinated with the Pakistani government. Hersh alleged that the Pakistani government was holding Bin Laden as leverage. The Obama Administration denies all of Hershs claims.

The Fairy Tale that is the War on Terror Journalist Peter Bloom released an article bemoaning the U.S. search for Osama Bin Laden.The effort to catch Bin Laden reflected a Hollywood-type political narrative where all that was needed to save the world was to get the bad guys.