The greatest canoe trip of all time

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The Greatest Canoe Trip of all Time

The Greatest Canoe Trip of all TimeWhere Boys Become Men

The TeamLeftRight: Back Row: Ben Bravo Martin ,Hutch, Kathleen, Shannon, Rici, Justin Howard, Justin J-Stroke Barbour, Nick Macgyver Molyneux, Nigel Captain Cooke, , Shane, Danny, Sam, Kelly, Justin Oilskins Noseworthy, Andrew One-Man Show Casey, Lisa, Kevin Mantracker Redmond, Bas Survivor Man Kavanagh . Front Row: Rodney Hot Rod Myers, Dale, Britt.

Important Group Gear

25 Person school bus & Large U-Haul truck to get us to the start point!One throw-rope, One Bailer per Canoe2 Partners and 2 PFDs per CanoeExtra Paddles & RopeShovel and AxeLarge Map & CompussWaterproof Matches.the list goes on!

Personal GearChange of clothes Rain gear Extra pair of warm socks and boots Sunglasses Pocket KnifeSmall Map & CompassBinocularsWaterproof MatchesFlashlight & WhistleFirst-Aid KitGarbage bagsToiletriesFood (meals & snacks)Camp stove & Eating UtensilsBottled waterEtc.

Essential Gear!As you may notice, Captain Cooke is an expert when it comes to essential camping gear!

Common Canoeing & Camping Terms & Sayings:Bow & Stern: Front & Back of the CanoePry, Draw, J-Stroke, Sweep, & Plant: Different paddle strokes used to maneuver the canoe in any desired way.Latrine: Designated camp area for male & female nature-washrooms. Portage: Carrying the canoe a distance over land. Raft-up: All canoes of the group meet at a planned location on the pond.

Benjamin Bravo Martin showing smooth skill by using a stern-pry to help move the canoe sideways.

Helpful Tips for Canoeing & CampingWaterproof all gear using zip-lock and garbage bagsKeep essentials close at handTie all gear down in canoe (leaving some slack in case of capsizing)Use naming system to communicate between canoes (Alpha, Bravo, etc) & Raft-Up Routinely.All canoes stay relatively close in proximityPlan meals for tent groups instead of personal mealsPre-Plan the trip (route, timing, etc)

Beginning of our JourneyStart point: Peak Pond (off Salmonier line, NL)

Our first raft-up of many; Halfway through Peak Pond.

Through the Canal! After battling the wind through Peak Pond, we finally arrived at the scenic man-made canal that connected us to Split Rock Pond.

Due to Nasty WeatherSurvivorman Kavanagh And Mantracker Redmond were forced to make a game-time decision and altered our original plans to continue on to Old Sea; Instead we paddled to the end of Split Rock Pond and set up camp.

Two Canoe Legends ^^

At the Campsite (Night 1)After landing the canoes, we set up camp by choosing tent locations & pitching them, digging the latrines, collecting firewood, and finally preparing our evening meals.

Justin J-Stroke Barbour takes a well earned rest after cooking supper for his tent group.

Campfire Fun!After some interesting campfire games, we learned that Bas Survivorman Kavanagh, and other select team members including Ben Bravo Martin are wizards and can perform Black Magic.It is an honor to be a member of the hockey stick clubSurvivorman can sleep anywhere!

The Bys trying to build a fire! ^^

The PortageAfter breakfast on Saturday, we were on the water again by 10 AM. We then paddled to the point where we would begin our portage to the final pond, Old Sea where we would spend the rest of the day being tested on our newly acquired canoeing skills.

One highlight of the trip: The Portage! ^^^

The Ultimate TestClose.But do it again - BasOnce we reached a calm cove at the end of Old Sea, we began our testing day. Tests of our newly acquired skills included:Docking & Stopping Straight Line Paddling (forward & backward)Paddling in circles & figure 8s**Nigel Captain Cooke and his stern-man Josh Howard also decided to test their swimming skills**

At the Campsite (Night 2)After returning from our grueling test day and two vigorous portages, we arrived back at camp and immediately began preparing our long awaited meals. After eating, we had another relaxing, social night around the campfire and discovered some more very strange talents of some of our peers!

The Homeward VoyageAfter an early rise, we packed up our gear, made sure the campsite was spotless and launched our canoes to begin the voyage home. Our demeanor was put to the test once again as we faced head-on winds the entire way back. Fortunately, we were all professionals by this point and the wind proved to be no competition for our skills & knowledge.

We Made It Out Alive!After paddling back through Split Rock & Peak Pond, we arrived back at back at our start/end point! Survivorman Kavanagh took one the team and walked back to get the U-Haul The rest of us prepared the canoes and gear for loading back onto the truck and bus for the ride back home!


We would like to thank BasSurvivorman Kavanagh & Kevin Mantracker Redmond for making this production possible by sharing their wealth of knowledge and skills with us throughout the duration of HKR 3220

This Production Brought to you by the Greatest 4-Man Tent Group Ever

Nigel Captain Cooke & Nick MacGyver Molyneux

Benjamin Bravo Martin & Justin J-Stroke Barbour

The End!


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