The role of badging for recognising skills, abilities and learning - OU Symposium June 2014

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This presentation provides an introduction toMozilla's Open Badges Infrastructure and theopportunities anopen, standards-based, digital credentialling system can provide. An insight into the Open Badges Discovery project will be provided and consideration given to how badge-based pathways to employment can be used to benefitpeople who are thinking about what their next step might be - be that education, training oremployment.


  • 1.OU Symposium The role of badging for recognising skills, abilities and learning Grainne Hamilton @grainnehamilton

2. Introductions Grainne Hamilton Education Consultant - RSC Scotland, Jisc - Discovery Project, Mozilla Twitter: @grainnehamilton Web: OU Symposium 09/06/2014 2 3. A digital future 3 The web is increasingly being used for: Communication Work Professional profiles Learning OU Symposium 09/06/2014 4. Open Badges OU Symposium 09/06/2014 4 A digital accreditation infrastructure 5. OU Symposium 09/06/2014 5 Digital credentials called Open Badges 6. Open Badges OU Symposium 09/06/2014 6 Information infused images From Flickr by dun-deagh 7. Open Badges OU Symposium 09/06/2014 7 Information infused digital images Image by Kyle Bowen 8. OU Symposium 09/06/2014 8 Assessments and identification of learning, attributes and competencies An open infrastructure for issuing, managing and sharing the credentials 9. Badge Backpack OU Symposium 09/06/2014 9 Online store for earners badges Can display on: Professional profiles, e.g. LinkedIn / Blogs / Personal websites / Social media / e-Portfolios... 10. Mozilla Discovery Project OU Symposium 09/06/2014 10 Badge-based pathways to employment 11. Employer pathways OU Symposium 09/06/2014 11 Pathway templates 12. Employer pathways OU Symposium 09/06/2014 12 Pathway templates 13. Employer pathways OU Symposium 09/06/2014 13 Pathway logic 14. Employer pathways OU Symposium 09/06/2014 14 Using a pathway as an issuer Create a pathway template that makes suggestions for particular jobs Creates a clear statement about the employers needs Provides opportunity to highlight badges linked to learning opportunities, eg Mozilla Web Literacy badges 15. OU Symposium 09/06/2014 15 Career trees Employer pathways 16. OU Symposium 09/06/2014 16 Using a pathway as an earner / prospective employee Fill in pathways with badges Tell their story Set goals (unearned badges) Plan a career Copy pathways to explore options Earner / employee pathways 17. Mozilla DiscoveryTool OU Symposium 09/06/2014 17 Web based tool for discovering / completing pathways 18. OU Symposium 09/06/2014 Jisc RSC Scotland Issuing badges to: Accredit the acquisition and application of digital skills Recognise contribution to the learning of others Reward the sharing of practice Increase the learning of the sector Motivate engagement with Jisc services Recognising digital skills development From Flickr by justus.thane 18 19. Jisc RSC Scotland Digital Innovator iTechs Forums Webinars Digital Leadership OBSEG Members Open Badges Design Day Assessment Summit Digital Practitioner Learning OnLine courses F2F workshops Day events Current Open Badge Series OU Symposium 09/06/2014 19 20. OU Symposium 09/06/2014 20 21. Learning OnLine Badges OU Symposium 09/06/2014 21 Digital skills courses - completer badges 22. Learning OnLine Open Badges OU Symposium 09/06/2014 22 Digital skills courses - Influencer Badge 23. Open Badges OU Symposium 09/06/2014 23 What people are saying about Open Badges It was nice to see a badges scheme in operation. I really did think that collecting badges incentivised my participation. Participant, Jisc e-Assessment for Learning course 24. Open Badges OU Symposium 09/06/2014 24 What people are saying about Open Badges while academic achievements can be evidenced by anacademic transcript, there is no such evidence of so-called soft skills the personal attributes that enhance a graduates work ethic, job performance, interaction with work colleagues and, ultimately, their career prospects. I am convinced that Open Badges can evidence the development of these personal attributes in a way that is recognisable to, and trusted by, employers. TomCaira, Chair of the IndustrialAdvisory Board (Computing). University of theWest of Scotland 25. Opportunities provided by Open Badges Learners can use badges to consider career, learning or interest-based pathways Provide evidence of skills and attributes not picked up in formal qualifications Showcase these in online professional profiles Employers can search online to identify individuals with the right mix of skills and attributes for a specific job Access evidence of what has been badged Create and influence relationships through endorsement of badges D14 - Open Thinking, Open Learning 30/05/2014 25 26. Further information Mozilla Open Badges Mozilla Discovery Project Jisc RSC Scotland Open Badges Open Badges case studies Open Badges blog posts Open Badges in Scottish Education Group OU Symposium 09/06/2014 26 27. OU Symposium The role of badging for recognising skills, abilities and learning Grainne Hamilton @grainnehamilton