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  • The set of all the stars and galaxiesWhat is the univers?

  • What is a galaxy?Each of the parts that make up the universe . Each galaxy is the set of stars and planets.The Earth and its solar system belongs to a galaxy called the Milky Way.

  • What is the difference between the heliocentric and geocentric system?System geocentricSystem heliocentricThe earth is the center of all the universe and all stars and planets revolve around it.The center of the solar system is the sun and the earth and other planets revolve aroundAct theory

  • What is the Solar System?The set of planets and stars that revolve around a star called Sun .

  • Qu es el Sol?Es la estrella alrededor de la cual giran los planetas del Sistema Solar. Una estrella es una gran masa de gases donde se dan reacciones nucleares que liberan grandes cantidades de energa.

  • What are the planets of the Solar System ?Planets: Interior planets : they are solid. Mercury , Venus , Earth, MarsExternal planets: they gaseousJupiter, Saturn , Uranus and Neptune.

  • Cules son los planetasdel Sistema Solar?Dwarf planetsToo small to be considered planets. Ceres and Pluto

  • What two types of movements performed planets?rotationtranslationMotion of a planet around himselfMotion of a planet around the Sun

  • What are the satellites?They are stars or bodies orbiting planetsWhat is the Moon?Its the Earths satellite

  • What are asteroids ? Small rocky bodies that are not considered planets

  • What are meteorites ?Asteroids coming out of its orbit and can fall on the planets

    What are comets ?Small bodies of ice and dust that move in larger orbits