The White Tiger: A critique by Kaushal Desai

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I tried to give justice to this novel and it makes clear idea about all the aspects. I hope it will helpful to you all. Regards...

Text of The White Tiger: A critique by Kaushal Desai

  • 1. The White Tiger: A Critique Kaushal Desai Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University Department of English

2. Tagore & Gandhi Both Rabindranath Tagore and Gandhi were against the nation- state Swaraj vs Suraj For Tagore, the concept of India was not territorial but ideational i.e. India for him was not a geographical expression but an idea. His view of nationalism was more about spreading a homogenized universalism than seeking political freedom for India. Gandhi our struggle for freedom is to bring peace in the world. 3. Conflicting Issues Foreign Awards Winning with, Backward Cultural Issues The White Tiger Slumdog Millionaire 4. Inequality & Injustice Creates two different Indias: an India of Light and an India of Darkness. It is the India of darkness which is focused by the novelist articulating the voice of silent majority trying to dismantle the discrimination between the Big Bellies and the Small Bellies and created a society based on the principles of inequality and injustice. 5. Imageries: 6. Servant-Master Relationship Two things is that.. servants are far poorer than the richa servant has no possibility of ever catching up to the master. he has access to the masterthe masters money, the masters physical person. BUT Balram is representative of the poor in India yearning for their tomorrow. 7. Marxist Ideology Gayatri Chakravorty Spivaks can subaltern speak? How domination and power exert in subaltern discourses? 8. Conclusion Hence with concluding my views on this novel, one can say that one person can be Servant, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, and Murderer. While the describing the journey, Adiga gives an explanation with examples that is also the true fact is going towards. The desire of the life, do making him/her with every possibilities. And thats how Adiga fantastically writes in his novel with the perception of todays Indian and how its become a root of the people in this situational nation. 9. Thank You Kaushal Desai 10. Thank You Kaushal Desai