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  • Theseus

    Project: Greek Mythology

    By Farah Oyhenart

  • Theseus the Hero

    Theseus was a bravehero of the Attic legend, he also was son of Aegeus, king of Athens.In addition, Theseuswas a Greek hero in Greek mythology.

  • Family Members

    Aethra, Aegeus & TheseusAethras husband Aegeus; a great warrior had a sword and some sandals. WhenTheseus was born, Agegeus did not recognize him as his son because Aethrawas also the lover of Poseidon. So he put Theseus to a test. He hid his sword andsandals under a heavy rock. When Aethra thought it was time, she took Theseusto the large boulder and told him to lift it.

  • Theseuss Adventures from Troezen to Athens

    Aethra said to him to take the sword and sandals and go to Athens. At age 16 Theseus learned that Aegeus had to prove his character before claiming his birthright, so he left on a risky adventure. He was put to the test of thieves, monsters, and murderous brigands, but succeeded every challenge, and returned to Athens unrecognized by his father, the King.

  • Fact 1: Theseus and ScironOn one of the many adventures he had, Theseus kills Sciron, a robber with the fame for taking the lives of others. Anyway, on this adventure, Sciron a huge man along with his battle axe demanded Theseus to wash his feet. But Theseus asked What would happen if I dont wash your feet? Sciron replied: I will chop off your head with this axe!So, Theseus sat down and started to wash his feet. Luckily he looked over to the side of a cliff and saw a monstrous turtle at the bottom. When he took a grasp of Scirons foot hehurled Sciron off the cliff.

  • Fact 2: Minos, Theseus and the RingTheseus said to Minos that he was the prince of Athens and the son of Poseidon.So if you are the prince of Athens, wouldnt Aegeus be your father?, Minos asked.To prove Theseus was Poseidons son, Minos threw a ring off a ship and told Thesuesto fetch it. Thesesus dived into the water and returned with the ring and an old crownwhich was given to him by Thetis, a nymph.

  • Fact 3: Theseus and ProcrustesOn another of his adventures he saw a large house and decided to asked theowner for a bed for the night. A man came up and gladly said Come in! . Theman said that his name was Procrustes and informed him about his magic bedthat could fit anyone but in a unpleasant way. If a person was to short, Procrusteswould chain their arms and legs and stretch them. Thesesus pushed Procrustes ontothe bed and chopped his legs off.


  • Summary: Theseus and the MinotaurKing Minos , due to the death of his son while visiting Athens, required the Athenians to send seven young men, and seven young women every seven years to Crete. Once there, the youths would be put into the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. In the Labyrinth, the young would be killed by the Minotaur, and eaten.Theseus determined to end such an harsh tradition. His father told the Athenians who were leaving to return with white sails if Theseus was successful in his mission, and, if not, return with black sails.Shortly after arriving in Crete, Ariadne, King Minos daughter, secretly instructed him to carry a ball of string into the Labyrinth, so he would not be lost.Theseus proceed into the Labyrinth. He soon aproached the deadly Minotaur, and killed the monster.The Gods made Theseus and his sailors to forget to raise the white sails. When the ship came close to Athens, Aegeus saw the black sails, and threw himself off the cliff into the sea.

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    Farah Oyhenart