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  • 1. www.TheStudentZone.netDavid Golynskiy Elin Britton Georgia Gottsacker Ricky Calderon

2. Problems Availability of student advice Inconvenient trade Freedom of expression Student collaboration 3. Solutions UTD Forums Classified Advertisements Student Exposition Prof/Class Ratings Mobile Accessibility 4. Competition Forums o Facebook Groups o College Confidential 5. Competition Classified Ads o Dallas Craigslist Professor Rating o 6. Perception How do we want to be perceived? o o o o oUseful Community Safe Creative Expression Modernized 7. DedicatedDedicated / UsefulDedicated/ UselessUsefulUseless Undedicated / UselessUndedicated / UsefulUndedicated 8. Target Markets Current UTD Students Ages 18-25 Mix of experience and demographics Segments of interest: o Freshmen o International students 9. Student Body Profile 10. Target Markets Prospective UTD Students TX High school seniors Local community college transfers UTD Alumni Recent graduates Local professionals, still active on campus 11. Market Research Plan Survey current UTD students to analyze: o Website attributes & functionality students value o Additional values & concerns of students o international students language preferences Further research the student bodys demographic Create profiles for: o o o oA student in each year (Freshman, Sophomore, etc..) A graduate student A prospective student An alumnus Create a test market analyze which features are more important to student and how the market perceive our product 12. Product Market Grid Market Segment Current StudentClassifiedProspective Student Recent GraduatePLess recent AlumniBlogPPPPForumsSSPSPrimary Market= PSecondary Market= S 13. Pitch/Advantages How many use Facebook? Craigslist? Would you like the services of all these websites consolidated into one? From One Comet to Another TheStudentZone.Net 14. Promotion Target hot-spots on campus: Student Services Building, Student Union, Activity Center Arrange promotional deals with on-campus restaurants and Pub to increase users Grouping with other companies that target college students: Jimmy Johns, Off Campus Books, etc. Community colleges Collin College, DCCCD, Richland, Brookhaven Networking 15. Place Advertisements in local newspapers and oncampus newspapers Flyers at popular off-campus destinations: o Starbucks, Fuzzys Taco Flyers at off-campus housing: o McCallum 16. Place Flyers around campus and housing 17. Price Membership cost? FREE! Donation Box set up to PayPal account o Students helping students There will be a charge for outside companies o Pay-per-Click Advertisements, Promotional Advertisements, Job Marketers 18. Financials & Sustainability Currently Seeking Investors o $10,000 start-up cost Donations from users Income from Pay-per-Click Advertisements, Outside Enterprise Fees As website grows, so will income 19. Market Analysis: SWOT StrengthOpportunitiesSource: 1WeaknessThreats- 20. Questions?

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