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Thu thuat viet essay

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  • 1.L Quc Bo Page 1 Cc bn thn mn, Vit Essay l ch n cui cng v cng l k nng kh nht m ngi hc vit phi i mt nu mun gii Ting Anh. Hn na, n lin quan trc tip n vn ng php m cc bn v ang hc hin nay; do vy, trc khi i vo vn chnh, Ti c vi li khuyn cho cc bn mun hc vit gii nh sau: Bn ng bao gi t c vi vn ng php, m theo bn ngh, v cng chc chn ca mnh, nhng thc ra n chng l g i vi ngi khc; thay vo , hy chuyn ha vn ng php ca bn thnh nhng cu vn chau chut v ghp n thnh tng on vn, sau thnh bi vn hon chnh. Gii ng php theo cch ring ca bn chng ni ln c iu g c, nu khng mun ni l con s 0 bi v bn khng ng dng c n vo thc tin. Bn phi lun nh rng, chng ta l ngi hc ngn ng, m ngn ng thay i theo tng giy (cc bn nhn Ting Vit s thy), do vy ngi hc ngn ng thng minh l ngi lun lun cp nht, tm ti v ng dng nhng ci mi vo vic hc ca mnh. ng bo th m hy lun hc hi nhng ci mi t bn b, thy c, hay ti liu, c nh vy, trnh Ting Anh ca bn mi kh c. lm c nhng iu , ng bao gi m kh kh quyn Ng Php Ting Anh, m hy c nhng bi bo, c sch, hay xem tp ch do ngi bn x vit, lc ta mi thy c cu trc ng php cng nh cch hnh vn ca h hay, uyn chuyn, v phong ph n nhng no, thm ch cn vt ngoi nhng m ng php chng ta c hc. T , cc bn hy ng dng n vo vic hc vit Essay ca mnh ngy mt tin b hn.

2. L Quc Bo Page 2 Trong phn ny, Ti s trnh by phn loi Essay, cch vit mt Essay hon chnh, v phn tch mt Essay mu cc bn tham kho v t t lm ch k nng vit ca mnh. I. Types of Essay: C nhiu cch phn loi Essays khc nhau nhng tu chung c nhng loi Essays chnh nh sau: 1. The Descriptive Essay: Vn miu t 2. The Definition Essay: Vn nh ngha 3. The Illustration Essay: Vn chng minh 4. The Comparison/Contrast Essay: Vn so snh/tng phn 5. The Cause/Effect Essay: Vn nhn qu 6. The Narrative Essay: Vn tng thut 7. The Process Analysis Essay: Vn phn tch 8. The Classification Essay: Vn phn loi s kin 9. The Argumentative/Persuasive Essay: Vn tranh lun/thuyt phc 10. The Research Essay: Vn nghin cu 11. The Critical Analysis Essay: Bnh ging vn hc II. Structure of An Essay: Ty theo ngi vit m mt bi vn c th bao gm 3, 4, 5, 6 on vn. Tuy nhin, mt bi vn chun, p, cn i thng l 5 on ( 1 on M bi + 3 on Thn bi + 1 on Kt bi) , mi on ti thiu 5 cu (Topic sentence + Explanation + Example + Evidence + Concluding Sentence) nh sau: 1. Introduction: a. Hook: 3. L Quc Bo Page 3 Hook is to get readers attention and make them want to read the essay. You can do this through one of the followings Hook mi nh c dng thu ht ngi c, khin h thch c bi vn ca mnh. Bn c th dng mt trong nhng cch sau to Hook cho phn m bi. Tell a story: Dn mt mu chuyn ngn Ask a question: t mt cu hi Give a statistic: Nu s liu thng k Express an anecdote: Din t mt giai thoi Cite a quotation: Trch dn mt cu ni Generalization: Khi qut ha vn b. Explanation of opening, leading into Thesis Statement: Sau khi bn thu ht ngi c bng Hook th bn bt u tr li hay gii thch Hook ca mnh mt cch r rng dn vo lun (Thesis Statement). Lun , nm cui on m bi, s quyt nh phn thn bi trong bi vn ca bn gm bao nhiu on vn. Gi s lun ca bn gm 3 , th phn thn bi ca bi vn s gm 3 on. 2. Body Paragraph 1: Mt on bao gm nhng sau a. Topic Sentence (pertaining to Reason/Theme #1): Cu cht trong on vn nm u on vn th nht s nu bt lun im th nht trong Thesis Statement phn m bi. 4. L Quc Bo Page 4 b. Explanation: Bn s gii thch lun im ny r rng bng cch a ra dn chng hay v d A v gii thch dn chng mt cch chi tit. Ngoi ra bn cng c th nu thm chng c B (nu c) lm tng sc thuyt phc cho lun im ca mnh. c. Mini-conclusion only about the Reason/Theme#1: Ch vi mt cu kt ngn gn s lm cho ngi c hiu rng on vn 1 chm dt. 3. Body Paragraph 2: on ny s ni v lun im th hai trong Thesis Statement. Bn hy trin khai ging Body Paragraph 1. 4. Body Paragraph 3: on ny s ni v lun im th ba trong Thesis Statement. Bn vn trin khai ging Body Paragraph 1. 5. Conclusion: Including a restatement of the Thesis Statement to summarize the three main points from the bodies of the paper. Then, give out a final statement to give readers a signal that the essay has come to an end. This final statement might be one of the following: Phn kt lun bao gm vic khng nh li Lun tm tt li nhng lun im trong phn thn bi. Sau a ra cu kt cho c gi bit rng bi vn kt thc. Cu kt ny c th c vit theo mt trong cc cch sau: Ask a provocative question: t mt cu hi m. 5. L Quc Bo Page 5 Use a quotation: Nu mt trch dn. Evoke a vivid image: Gi ln mt hnh nh sinh ng. Call for some sort of action: Ku gi mi ngi cng hnh ng. End with a warning: a ra mt cnh bo. Suggest results or consequences: Nu ln mt kt cc hay hu qu. Notes: Tuyt i trnh nu thm mt lun im no na phn kt bi ngoi 3 lun im nu trong Thesis Statement. V nh th s lm ngi c bi ri khng bit bi vn kt thc hay cha. Ba on thn bi s c trnh by theo th t ba lun im c nu trong Thesis Statement trnh lm ngi c bi ri. III. How to reach a thorough essay: 1. Brainstorming: Writing an Essay is to express insight of your own, genuine essay-writing brilliance. Vit Essay l th hin s hiu bit v kh nng thc t ca bn. Generate a bunch of questions related to the topic, and start to think about them until you come up with original insights to answer them. Hy pht tho nhng cu hi lin quan n ch ca bi vit, sau ngh ti ngh lui cho n khi bn tr li c nhng cu hi . 2. Thesis: (Thesis Statement) This sentence is definitely significant in an Essay. Lun l cu quan trng nht trong bi vn. 6. L Quc Bo Page 6 It is also a challenging task with which Essay writers usually have to struggle. To ra lun cng l cng vic kh khn nht i vi ngi vit Essay. Your thesis must be performed as a clear and concise sentence, which generates your main points and tell the reader what you are going. Lun phi l mt cu sc tch v r rng, n nu ln cc im chnh cn phi vit trong phn thn bi, v n cng cho c gi bit bn s vit g trong bi vn. 3. Outline: Straightway sketch out your essay. Pht tho dn ngay lp tc cho bi Essay. Map out each paragraph with one point corresponding to the order of the essays main points in the thesis. Pht tho dn cho mi on thn bi tng ng vi mt lun im theo th t trong lun . Bullet points to describe what each paragraph will contain. Nu ra nhng im cn vit cho tng on. IV. Tips of writing: Reading as much as you can to explore new ways and new beautiful structures as you need to supplement your essay in order that your essay becomes more professional and vivid. Bn cn phi c sch bo cng nhiu cng tt v n gip cho bn khm ph ra nhng cch vit mi hay nhng cu trc cu hay v c o, nh th bn s p dng vo bi Essay ca mnh lm cho n sinh ng v chuyn nghip hn. Using as many synonyms as possible to create an abundant essay. 7. L Quc Bo Page 7 Bn nn s dng cng nhiu t ng ngha cng tt lm cho bi vn ca bn sinh ng trnh nhm chn. Adding transitional words, such as adverbs at the beginning of the paragraph and between each sentence if possible. This makes your essay sound smoother and more professional. Nh thm t chuyn nh l trng t trc mi on vn v mi cu nu c th, v n s lm cho bi vn ca bn mt m v chuyn nghip hn. V. Language Check: After finishing writing Essay, you are not really done yet. Sau khi vit xong, bn vn cha tht s hon tt. Your job right now is to go back and proofread the entire essay until grammatical errors, sentence structures, content, and formality are properly corrected. Cng vic ca bn lc ny l quay li c li ton b bi vn v sa nhng li ng php, cu trc cu, ni dung bi vn, v cch trang tr bi vn cho hp l. Moreover, you have others proofread and edit intuitively to make your essay go and sound smoothly. Ngoi ra, bn cn phi nh mt ngi no rnh v Ting Anh c li bi vn ca bn v sa nhng li bn mc phi chc chn rng bi vn ca bn c hon ho. You have done. Gi y bn tht s xong. VI. The Sample Essay: 8. L Quc Bo Page 8 Bi vn bn di l bi vn so snh, y Ti so snh vi im tng phn hn thit khi sng Tp.HCM v Tp. Lt (qu tc gi). Bi vit ny th hin quan im ring ca tc gi, do vy, cc bn ng qu ch trng vo ni dung m hy tham kho cch hnh vn v b cc tng on ni ring, c bi vn ni chung. Ti cng nu ln tng comment cc bn tin theo di v n li b cc mt bi Essay. Living in Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat Can life in Ho Chi Minh City be considered a paradise? It is so difficult to respond to this question. Nowadays, there are so many people nationwide who choose Ho Chi Minh City as their second home because they think they will benefit a lot from this city, such as schools, hospitals, or money. Those having lived in Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat for ages will easily recognize that these are three typical differences which make Da Lat a better place to live in than Ho Chi Minh: weather, transportation, and cost of living. One noticeable difference between the two places is the weather. Ho Chi Minh City has two distinct seasons: a very humid, rainy season and a long, hot, dry season throughout the year. The highest temperature climbs to approximately 39C around noon in late April and the lowest might be about 16C in the early mornings of late December. In the dry season, December through April, it is really hot and humid. The hot climate is hard enough on the people that they have to turn the air conditioner all day. In the rainy period of May to November, it is a little cold but still humid because it has been constantly raining during this period of time. It is not easy to live in such a hot city because one always breaks into perspiration and feel uncomfortable in a daily Comment [V1]: Title Comment [V2]: Hook Comment [V3]: Thesis Statement Comment [V4]: Topic Sentence 9. L Quc Bo Pag

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