Tips For New Teachers: Prepping for the First Day of School

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  • Tips For New TeachersPrepping for the First Day of School

  • Prepping for the school year is hectic and nerve-wracking for everyone. Its especially difficult for new teachers. Use the following tips to start the first day of your first year off correctly:

  • 1. Take a tour of the school grounds and the building

    Make an appointment to take a tour of your new school

    Figure out where the main exits, the cafeteria, the bathrooms, and the main office are

  • 2. Learn the Rules

    Go through the handbook for rules and procedures

    It will be helpful to know whats right and wrong before encountering problems first hand

  • 3. Memorize Names

    Hopefully youll get a roster with photos

    If not, set up a seating chart and memorize the names that way before the school year starts

  • 4. Always have too much of Everything

    Make extra copies of handouts, forms, etc.

    When ordering supplies, just opt for the larger pack. Extras will always be used later.

  • 5. Decorate

    Abide by state standards, but get creative!

    Make sure there is space for student work.

    Incorporate vibrant color and fun images in the room

  • 7. Rehearse

    Go over your lesson plans in advance & over-plan in terms of time

    Practice your welcome to my classroom speech

  • 8. Think of the Parents

    Create welcome packets for parents that include:

    Required supplies

    Classroom Rules & Expectations

    Your Contact Info

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