Top 10 things to know about your library

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  • 1. Top 10 things to know about your library at GCC!

2. 10.A GCC Library card is your passport to the Library
Students, faculty, staff, and the public can use our library.
Bring your ID to apply and we will make a card up for you.
3. 9. Library Services & Resources @ 3 locations
4. 8. The Virtual Library is open 24/7@
You can access our resources from your home, your car, or your boat!
5. 7. GCC Library homepage a one stop shop
6. 6.The online catalog leads to books and much more!
7. 5. We will work with you to get what you need
IF we dont have it, we can usually borrow it.
We can help you borrow from other libraries at no cost.
With books, plan for mailing (1-2 weeks).
Journal articles can arrive within three days!
8. 4. netLibrary has over 60,000 e-books, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
9. 3. Off campus, no problem!
When off-campus use your myGCC user-id and password for access.
If you run into problems check the library homepage under Information for Off-Campus Access for assistance.
10. 2. Need help ? Telephone, email, tweet us or use the VCCS tutorial
11. 1.ASK!
Our staff is ready to help you with research questions, service needs and otherinformational needs.Nothing beats the human connection.