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  • 1.How to Use Tumblr in the Classroom By Adrienne DAgostino Summer 2014

2. What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a website used for microblogging and social networking Users can post content such as text posts, links, videos, and photos. They can also follow other users blogs Great to note: your Tumblr can be private 3. What Did I Learn about the Tumblr? THE DASHBOARD- this is the main tool- a live feed of recent blog posts, where you can upload your own content, and also where you can click to connect your posts through Twitter and the Facebook Queue- A way to delay your posts over the course of hours or days Tags- you can create hashtags to help others find your postfor example, I could hashtag #commoncore and those searching for posts on the common core might find my page! 4. Image of the Dashboard 5. Uses in the K-2 Classroom I would use Tumblr to connect with parents and guardians of my future students It would be a platform to update parents and guardians on classroom news, remind them of upcoming events, and share class work In the comments section parents could also ask questions Useful links would also be provided to help parents/guardians with their kindergartner, first, or second grader 6. Benefits of Tumblr Tumblr is relatively simple to master and is an easy way to stay connected with parents and guardians Text, videos, photos, and links are all able to be posted through Tumblr Tumblr pages can be made private Parents/guardians might be encouraged to explore other useful blogs and websites linked through Tumblr Do not have to rely solely on students relaying messages/bringing paper notices home! Can be used via mobile! 7. Limitations of Tumblr It might be a struggle update on a consistent basis as the year goes on. There have been a few security issues with Tumblr in recent years such as spam and cross site scripting. I fear that some might use being anonymous in a malicious way Parents that are non-English speaking (Google Translate perhaps?) Those without a computer and or SmartPhone.. 8. My Fictitious Tumblr! http://adriennemaria1.tumblr.com/ The dashboard : https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard Work Cited http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/