Twitter: How to get started

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Do need to know the basics of Twitter? Watch and listen to this 15 minute presentation by Tracy Bachellier to find out everything you need to know! Then stay tuned for Q & A with Tracy and Sheila Stewart, for even more insights! At P4E's Communication Strategy Workshop on March 3rd, 2012.


<ul><li>1.@ignite_parents Profile Page</li></ul> <p>2. @ignite_parents Profile Page 3. @AMparentvoiceHome Page 4. Understanding the Twitter Hashtag 5. How to Join the Conversation 6. Calendars &amp; Schedules of Twitter Chats 7. You getout of itwhat you put into itPatienceLearning CurveOnline Resources 8. Hashtag: #p4ed 9. A few last tips!Give credit You can deleteLeave space for RTGet more resources here: </p>