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tx Gradebook Orientation Presented By: Jennifer Lopez & Nino Trevino August 22, 2012

Tx Gradebook Orientation

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Beginning of the orientation for tx Gradebook.

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  • 1. txGradebook OrientationPresented By: Jennifer Lopez & Nino TrevinoAugust 22, 2012

2. Gradebook Orientation Agenda How to Create a New User Account How to Reset your Password How to Create Categories How to Create Assignments Entering Grades IPR Comments Student Information Taking Attendance 3. How to Create a New User Account 4. How to Create a New User Account- Step 1 Regardless of whether or not you had an accountlast year, EVERYONE will have to make a create anew account. Log onto http://www.poteetisd.org/txgradebook To the top right side of the page click on New User? 5. How to Create a New User Account- Step 2 For Staff ID, fill in with your Social Security number, nodashes. Then type in your Last Name and first initial. 6. How to Create a New User Account- Step 3 Now fill in all the information in the boxes. For your username please use your first initial andlast name. (Example: jlopez, ctrevino, hbrumage). For your password you have to make sure it has atleast one capital letter, one number and it has tobe between 6-9 characters in all. Make sure to write all the information down in caseyou forget it. Now you have a new account that you can loginto Gradebook with. 7. How to Reset Your Password 8. How to Reset Your Password If you forget your password and try to login threetimes unsuccessfully, the system will lock you out.The only way you will be able to unlock youraccount is to let Linda Garcia know and she willunlock it for you. If you think you have forgotten your password, it isbetter to change your password before you lockyourself out. 9. How to Reset Your Password If you have forgotten your password and haventlocked yourself out, you will then need to go to themain Gradebook login page. Click on Forget your password? 10. How to Reset Your Password- Step 1 & 2 Fill in the information. Remember you Staff ID is your SocialSecurity number. You will then have to answer one of your security questions. 11. How to Reset Your Password- Step 3 You will then be asked to create a new password. You can also create a new pin number or leave it the same. You have now reset your password. 12. How to Create Categories 13. CategoriesThere will be 3 categories all teachers will use.Formative-55% Daily Work Participation Homework Summative- 35% Tests Quizzes Projects6 Weeks Assessments-10 % End of Course 14. Categories Cont. Teachers can still choose the assignments and which category theassignment falls under . *Dual Credit - your concerns have been considered and it was determinedthat these categories will also apply to you. The special weighting applies totranscripts and final grades, not categories within Gradebook. All that being said - there are going to be some classes such as PE, wherethese categories will not apply. Please communicate all issues or special circumstances with either Mr.Trevino, Ms. Lopez or myself so we can work with central to get you what youneed. 15. How to create Categories- Step 1 Under the tab Settings click on Administer Categories. On the left side of the page there will be a list of availablecategories to choose from for your classes. These categories weredetermined during your department meetings. Click on which category you would like to use and drag it to theleft under Selected Categories. 16. How to create Categories- Step 2 Once you have chosen the categories you want touse, put in your pin number & save your categories. Remember that all the categories must equal 100. 17. How to create Categories- Step 3 Once you save the categories, you will then need tocopy them to your other courses. To do this, click on Copy categories to other coursesections. 18. How to create Categories- Step 4 You can now choose which courses you would like to copythe categories to. Input your pin number and then presscopy. You have now successfully copied your categories to yourother courses. 19. How to CreateAssignments 20. How to Create Assignments- Step 1 Make sure you have created categories for all yourcourses or you will not be able to createassignments. Click on the Settings tab and then click onAdminister Assignments. 21. How to Create Assignments- Step 2 You will now be able to create assignments for your courses. You will have the option of what to name your assignments,the category in which it belongs, the dates it is assigned anddue and how many points it is worth. It is important to input thisinformation so when the students parents are looking at themthey can determine what assignment their child is missing andthe information about it. Once you have made all yourassignments, input your pin number and save them. 22. How to Create Assignments- Step 3 Now you can copy these assignments to other courses. Click on copy course assignments to other another coursesection/cycle towards the bottom of the page. You can now choose what assignments you wish to copy toyour other courses and which for which cycles. Input your pinnumber and press copy. 23. Things to remember when entering grades. You need to input at least two grades per weekand two test grades per six weeks. Never leave blanks on assignments for those whichthe due dates have passed. Remember to input azero. 24. IPR Comments When you are entering students grades you are able to inputIPR comments on a particular child. Go to the tab Grades, then click on IPR Comments.IPR Comments Legend CodeDescription Code DescriptionAI.E.P. Substantial HParent Conference ProgressRequired I.E.P. Minimal IWork ShowsBImprovement ProgressJComes to classCRecommend prepared Tutorial ClassKActive & AlertDLow Test Scores ParticipantEExcessiveLComes to class Absencesunprepared F Excessive TardiesMInattentive in classGHomework NSchedule change-no Incompletegrade 25. Student Information 26. Student Information To find information on a particular student in your classes, clickon the Student ID Number to right of their name. Lopez, Jennifer 27. Student Information You can now see information on a particular student such astheir contact information, attendance record, class scheduleand TAKS scores. 28. Taking Attendance 29. Taking Attendance Under the Attendance tab click Post/View Attendance.This is where you will post your daily attendance. Onceyou have made the necessary changes input your pinnumber and post it. 30. QuestionsIf you have any questions on Gradebook feel freeto get ahold of us at anytime. Email us and we try toaddress your needs as soon as possible.Jennifer LopezEmail:[email protected]tisd.orgNino TrevinoEmail:[email protected]