Uncovering/Exposing Jama'ah Islamiyah

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Translation of Indonesian book 'Membongkar Jamaah Islamiyah'...translated by khalidroc

Text of Uncovering/Exposing Jama'ah Islamiyah

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    Revelations of a Former JI Member

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    All Praise is due to Allh, we are finally able to publish a work of

    considerable value, and of importance on the part of the publics awareness.

    Concerning all aspects of its substance and its author, the book in front of you,

    is clearly not just any old book merely undertaken and written on the spur of the

    moment. This particular book is loaded with data, in agreement with facts, and

    it is unpretentious and respectful of the reader.

    The book entitled Exposing Jamaah Islmiyyah: Acknowledgments of a

    Former JI Member (Membongkar Jamaah Islmiyah: Pengakuan Mantan

    Anggota JI), is a long time investigation by its author, since beginning his

    struggle to understand Islm. It encompasses his contact and friendship with

    those active and prominent figures of Jamaah Islmiyyah like Imam Samudra,

    Abu Bakar Basyir, Hilmi Bakar, and others. It further details the authors

    encounters in the jungles and wastelands of Afghanistan, Malaysia (notably

    where the author is from), Mindanao, the Philippines, and various areas of


    This long journey is the devotive lot of Nasir Abas, the author, towards

    Jamaah Islmiyyah, which had as its prime aspiration the institution of the

    Islmic State of the Archipelago (consisting of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and

    the Philippines). Nasir himself was a former high-ranking member of JI, with

    his last position being the Amir (leader) of Maniqi III (encompassing and

    inclusive of Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Kalimantan [Borneo], Sulawesi [the

    Celebes], and the Southern Philippines). Now, he has left JI, which according to

    him is full of errors in its understanding of the true and noble Islm, and has (as

    a result of these errors) become tyrannical and feared by the public.

    The controversy concerning Jamaah Islmiyyah over the last few years

    has been in itself enough to raise its attention to the notice of the Indonesian

    public and International community. This issue has become prominent as a

    result of the blatant acts of terror that have been thrust upon us over the course

    of the last four years. The trajic and heartbreaking bombings of the World Trade

    Center in the United States of America in 2001, the Bali Bombings of 2002, the

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    J.W. Marriot hotel bombing of 2003, the bombing in Kuningan of 2004, and a

    series of other such events.

    There is not one single religion on the earth that legitimizes, let alone

    teaches, that violence is a valid means to achieve a purpose. Religious

    justification for various acts of terror, for instance by a group of specific people,

    is clearly wrong. This is immediately apparent from the errors opined to and

    understood in religious commands, whether they be in name or actions. They

    cannot be tolerated and must be erased right from their source. For those

    reasons, the harming of lives within society cannot be allowed whether it be in

    the short term or in the long term as in the case of the psychological trauma that

    society suffers as a result of such barbaric acts of terror.

    As an example, the doctrine of Jihd for instance, is frequently

    understood by a group of people, such as that mainly understood by the

    members of JI, in a nave manner, namely, as in the form of violence allowing

    the (spilling of the) blood of people from different religions (non-Muslim), in

    order to achieve what is aimed for. Disbelievers are the prime enemies of Islm

    and because of that, they must be fought against. This is a specific

    understanding that is very ignorant, considering that the meaning of Jihd is

    truly capacious and noble.

    Removing a stick from the road, assisting old people across the road,

    smiling at a person one meets, visiting friends and family, etc., are all part of

    Jihd. Therefore, Jihd for the purpose of the killing of someone without a clear

    reason as validated by religion, is not a correct understanding from within the

    teachings of Islm. Doesnt Islm clarify that the killing of one soul (unjustly) is

    like the killing of all of mankind?1 This, amongst other things, is what will be

    encountered within this book. There are still many other facts and misguided

    understandings from the radical JI group, and various other groups, that will

    also be revealed in the English version of this book.

    1 Al Qurn, Srah Al Midah, ayh 32:-

    Because of that We ordained for the Children of Isrl that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of

    murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed all mankind,..

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    It is hoped that the publication of this book will help and guide us to see

    the true teachings of Islm, so that there will no longer be any acts of violence

    in the name of a specific religion. Once again, violence will always be accursed,

    and because of that, we hold the responsibility to prevent it. Finally, we

    welcome and need constructive criticism in order to perfect further editions.


    And Allh knows best

    Jakarta, beginning of July 2005

    Grafindo Khazanah Ilmu

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    Publishers Introduction 3

    Preface from the Author 7

    Introduction 9

    CHAPTER 1 Journey to Afghanistan 15

    CHAPTER 2 Fighters in Afghanistan 55

    CHAPTER 3 The Islmic Nation of Indonesia Group 64

    CHAPTER 4 The Islmic Group 69

    CHAPTER 5 Journey to Mindanao 114

    CHAPTER 6 Permitted to Lie 137

    CHAPTER 7 The Falsehood of Imam Samudra 148

    CHAPTER 8 The Bali Bombings 156

    CHAPTER 9 Ghazwah (Military Expedition) 224

    CHAPTER 10 Jihd for Maintaining Religion, People, and Nation 231

    CHAPTER 11 Out from Al Jamaah al Islmiyyah 250

    About the Author 262

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    The Bali Bombings that occurred on the 12th

    of October 2002 have lead

    to accusations and prejudgments concerning various parties (groups). The TNI

    (Tentara Nasional Indonesia Indonesian National Armed Forces) are accused;

    or that it was engineered by Indonesian Intelligence; that there was American

    involvement by means of a micro-nuclear device; that it is the mission of

    Australia to control Indonesia; and there is also that which points to the

    involvement of an Islmic organization working together with Al Qaidah as

    well as Usamah bin Ladin.

    Such accusations even go as far as opining that Nordin M. Top and Dr.

    Azahari were considered to be the mere creation of the police, in order to

    merely prescribe them as scapegoats but who in actual fact did not exist. In fact,

    it was stated, that the perpetrators of the Bali Bombing were mistreated people

    including an Ustadh and activists from a masjid2 who had been forced to

    confess to being the people involved with the Bali Bombing case. In truth, who

    were the people involved in this case - and moreover, and was the bombing case

    that occurred carried out by a group or by specific people with a secret agenda?

    And, wouldnt it be a dangerous state of affairs to give rise to such a social

    phenomenon that identified Islm as violent by nurturing the premise that the

    bombers undertook their actions in the name of Jihd f sablillh (Jihd in the

    Way of Allh)?

    This book tries to confer answers to all of the accusations or suspicions

    that abound and are amongst us. On the basis of the authors experiences, who at

    one time was together with the Bali Bombers in the same organization both in

    the role of leader as well as having been part of its field personnel, an portrayal

    will be furnished, for the readers, about their background and capabilities in the

    use of military equipment and chemicals.

    On that basis, this book means to answer the various questions that

    circulate within the community. Amongst such questions are, what is Al

    Jamaah al Islmiyyah? How long has JI been around and carried out its

    2 Mosque

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    activities? What are they struggling for? What is the relevance of the Bali


    For those reasons I, as a former member of JIs leadership, will furnish

    answers to the community for what until now is still a bone of contention for

    people, both in Indonesia and around the world.

    July 2005



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    O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another.

    Verily, the most honourable of you with Allh is that (believer) who

    has At-Taqwa [i.e. one of the Muttaqn (pious). Verily, Allh is

    All-Knowing, All-Aware.3

    And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allh (i.e. this Qurn), and be not divided among yourselves, and remember

    Allhs Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He

    joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, you became

    brethren (in Islmic faith), and you